Featured in this article is a terrific looking 1930 Graham-Paige Sedan. The story of how Graham became Graham-Paige really begins at the turn of the twentieth century and as it turned out ended in 1940.

graham paige cars
1930 Graham-Paige Series 8 Sedan

Graham-Paige was an American automaker which was founded in 1927 by brothers Joseph, Robert and Ray Graham. However, from the first decade of the twentieth century all the way to 1927 and beyond, the brothers had an interesting business journey which included names like the Dodge Brothers and Chrysler.

It’s a somewhat complicated story but with mergers and bankruptcies not uncommon during the early automotive years, it’s really a story of some great successes. Following is how Graham-Paige came to be.

How Graham-Paige Came to Be

By 1900 the brothers Graham had made a name for themselves in the glass making industry. Their success was such that they sold their glass business to Libby Owens Ford. The three brothers were fascinated with the new horseless carriage business and started to sell kits to modify Model T’s  and TT’s into trucks. Eventually they began building trucks themselves under the Graham Brothers brand.

1930 graham paigeThe Graham Brothers and the Dodge Brothers

Not too long after the Graham Brothers began building their own trucks they entered into an alliance with the Dodge Brothers, Horace and John. A new company, Graham Brothers Inc. was created, with Joseph as president. The company operated almost as a Dodge subsidiary. The alliance made business sense and was a good one for all involved however tragedy struck in 1920.

Those who have explored the early years of the American automakers know that both Dodge brothers passed away at a relatively young age of natural causes in 1920. This obviously was a shocking turn of events. While away from Detroit attending the 1920 New York Auto Show, Horace became ill with pneumonia. John immediately went to his bedside where he waited for days. John then caught pneumonia and passed away ten days later. Horace remained ill for a few more months and then he passed away. This all occurred in 1920 which also marked the year that the Dodge Brothers automobile company became the second best-selling automaker.

Graham Brothers Association with Dodge Continues

After their passing, the two Dodge widows turned the company reins over to longtime trusted employee Frederick Hahnes. The business flourished through the early and mid-20s with the alliance between Dodge and Graham’s remaining strong. The Graham brothers became the sole truck builders for Dodge during much of the 1920’s which was very lucrative for them.

In 1926 Dodge Brothers took over the Graham Brothers company entirely, moving them from being partners to being owners. The Grahams had just become members of the Dodge Brothers board but they decided to leave the company so to build their own automobiles. Graham then bought Paige which was a struggling automaker and set out on a new course.

In January of 1928, the name of the company was changed from Graham to Graham-Paige Motors Corporation. This continued until after 1930 when their automobiles took on the name of only “Graham“.

1930 Graham-Paige Sedan…Noted for Luxury and Advanced Mechanics

graham paige automobiles“The base six-cylinder coupe started at $845 and could run as high as $4,500 for a long-wheelbase, seven-passenger, eight-cylinder model.” Innovative standard features included laminated safety glass, Lockheed hydraulic brakes, height-adjustable foot pedals, externally adjustable oil pressure, oil level gauge and an externally adjustable timing chain.

Much detailed information regarding the Graham brothers and their journey through the American automobile industry and models that may be for sale can be found at the Graham Owners Club. www.grahamownersclub.com

1930 Graham-Paige Sedan Specifications

The 1930 Standard Series Eight Sedan came with a 298 cubic inch L-Head Eight engine. Horsepower was 100.

Transmission was a four speed manual.

Brakes were four wheel hydraulic Lockheed.

Front and rear suspensions were semi-elliptic leaf springs.

The wheelbase came in at 122.0 inches.

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Reference material for this article included…The Graham Legacy: Graham-Paige to 1932, by author Michael E. Keller… The Graham Owners Club.

Graham-Paige Collector Car Values

graham brothersGraham-Paige automobiles are excellent collector cars. When you can find one in decent shape you may only pay about $20,000. This applies to both the Series 6 and Series 8 models. You can see model that sold in the $30,000 range but somewhere in the low $20,000 area is probably the average retail. As we always point out, the going values are very dependent on condition, originality and degree of restoration if any.

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