The 1957 Chevrolet 3100 Half Ton featured in this article is a popular vehicle with collectors. In fact, all the Tri-Five Chevy models are some of the most desirable classic vehicles.

chevy 3100
1957 Chevy 3100 Half Ton

Design Changes During the 1950’s

There was a time when pick up trucks were sold solely for their utility value. A truck’s utility is of course a major component but during the 1950’s something else helped sell a truck and that was it’s styling. Styling for small trucks became as important as styling for it’s manufacturer’s passenger car lineup.

A real design change occurred in 1955 when Chevy trucks introduced their “Task Force Design“. This styling took the place of the company’s “Advance Design” which ran after the war from 1947 through 1954. Chevrolet was selling more small trucks than Ford after the war. Ford came back in 1954 with their V-8 truck engine which snapped their losing streak. Not to be left in the dust, Chevy came out with their small block V-8 engine a year later in 1955 along with the new Task Force design.

series 3100 chevy trucksThe Task Force design lasted from 1955 to 1959 at which time new body styling and other improvements were designated as the “C” models beginning with the 1960 model year.

What the New Chevy Truck 3100 Series Offered

If you were a light truck buyer in 1955 you could take advantage of Chevrolet’s modernization, both in styling and mechanical, with it’s Task Force Series.

For starters, Chevy switched to a 12 volt electric system. Pontiac and Chevy made the switch in 1955. Packard switched from 6 volt to 12 volt in 1955 but retained the positive ground. They changed to negative ground a year later in 1956.

The Chevrolet Task Force was a rugged, reliable, light-to-heavy-duty pick-up truck designed for hard-work missions.

The Task Force series was designed for power steering and power brakes. Also Chevrolet introduced a powerful V-8 for their light trucks.

New body design on the Chevrolet Task Force second series included the innovative ‘wrap-around’ wind-shield, with rear window ‘wrap-around’ an option on the deluxe cab model. This wrap around innovation not only looked much more modern but along with better visibility you had better safety. The Task Force design introduced smooth, rounded fenders as opposed to the pontoon styling. There were some cosmetic changes during the Task Force era. In 1957, the Chevy 3100 series sported a new grille.

The buyer had a choice of rear two wheel or factory four wheel drive.

1957 Chevrolet 3100 Series Truck Specifications

Standard engine for the 1957 3100 was a 235 cubic inch Inline Six. Available as an option was a small block 283 V-8. The V-8 for light trucks debuted in 1955 with the Task Force models. The six delivered 123 HP and the eight put out 185 HP.

The base transmission during the Task Force years was a three-speed manual. Several options were available such as a four speed manual and a Hydra-Matic four-speed automatic.

chevy task force designThe Task Force series offered power steering and power brakes.

The Task Force series electric system switched to 12 volts.

Wheelbase was 114.0 inches. Overall length was 185.69. Weight was about 3,750 lbs.

Chevrolet two- and four-wheel-drive Task Force trucks used four-wheel drum brakes.

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Reference material for this article included…Chevrolet Trucks: 100 Years of Building the Future by author Larry Edsall…Chevrolet Pickups, 1946-1972: How to Identify, Select and Restore Chevrolet Collector Light Trucks by John Gunnell.

1957 task force chevy truck
57 Chevy 3100 dashboard and cab.

Collector Interest in Task Force Design Series 3100 Chevy Trucks

All of the Task Force Design models, 1955-1959, are popular with collectors. Collectors of light trucks and hot rods love the 3100 Series Chevy trucks primarily because of the body style.

The 1957 Chevy 3100 Short Bed sold new in the area of $1,800 to $1,950.

Parts for restoration are readily available for the Chevy Task Force trucks so they make restoration projects popular. As of this writing, valuations for Task Force Chevy Half Tons can range from the four figure range all the way to the $50,000 area. Degree of restoration, overall condition and originality determine the value.

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