1930 Ford Standard Coupe / Photos, Specs, Production

Ford built the 1930 Model A Coupe in a Standard and Deluxe model. The 1930 Ford Coupe was one of the most popular models around. In fact, Ford outsold Chevrolet in both 1929 and 1930. One reason was that the Model A’s price started at a low $400 for the standard model making it a lot of car for the money. As a comparison, the Ford Town Sedan could have a price tag as much as $1,200.

1930 standard coupe
1930 Ford Standard Coupe

The Different Ford Model A’s

The Ford Model A’s, the cars that replaced the very popular Model T’s were designed by both Henry Ford and Edsel Ford.

All of the Ford Model A’s look generally similar. There was a difference however between the 1928 and 1929 models compared to the 1930 and 31 models. Some of these differences with the latter models included wider and lower fenders and a higher hood. Instead of the nickel plated radiator the 1931 model had one from stainless steel. Also the latter models had smaller diameter wheels.

grille of ford model a
grille and hood ornament on the 1930 Ford Coupe

As a side note, there was a Ford Model A in 1903 that of course didn’t benefit from the lower prices made possible by the mass production assembly line. In July 1903, only a few weeks after the Ford Motor Company was incorporated, a Chicago dentist, Dr. Ernst Pfennig, became the first person to buy a Ford Model A for $850. Compare that to the price tags of the 1930 Model A’s.

Ford Automobiles For The 1930 Model Year

The list of Ford automobiles offered for the 1930 model year included the Standard Coupe, Deluxe Coupe, Sport Coupe, Tudor Sedan, Station Wagon, Town Sedan (Murray Body), Town Sedan (Briggs Body), Standard Fordor Sedan (Murray Body), Standard Fordor Sedan (Briggs Body), Victoria.

The Ford Model A Standard and Deluxe Coupe

The Ford Deluxe Coupe offered roll down rear windows and a rumble seat and cost around $550. Another difference between the Model A Standard and Deluxe Coupe was that the latter had mohair seats where the Standard model featured cloth seats.

1930 model a coupe
Ford Model A Coupe side spare tire

Ford Model A’s were produced from December 1927 until March 1932 and was the first mass produced automobile to use safety glass for the windshield. Total Ford Model A production was more than 4 million vehicles.

The Model A had 4 wheel mechanical brakes (the Model T’s had two wheel brakes)  and double action hydraulic shock absorbers. Top Speed was around 65 to 70 MPH.

Compared the the Model T’s, the Ford Models A’s were a more sophisticated automobile with a modern electrical system and a three speed gearbox. The Model A’s also gained a reputation as being ruggedly constructed with many seen on the road decades later.

Total 1930 Ford Model A production was 854,000 vehicles of which 226,000 were Standard Coupes and 29,000 were Deluxe Coupes. The highest number Model A’s produced that year were Tudor Sedans totaling 376,000.

ford model a coupe
1930 Ford Model A rear luggage carrier

1930 Ford Standard Coupe Specifications

The 1930 Ford Model A Coupe came with an Inline four cylinder 205 cubic inch 3.3 liter engine delivering 40 HP. Ford’s 221 cubic inch eight cylinder engine was still in the design phase and would not be introduced until the 1932 Model 18.

Ford Model transmissions were floor mounted three speed manuals and the brakes were four wheel mechanical. Also mentioned above, the 1930 Ford Model A had double action hydraulic shock absorbers.

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ford model a dashboard
1930 Ford Model A dash and interior

1930 Ford Model A Collector Car

For years the Ford Model A was one of the most popular collector cars out there. As an owner of a Ford Model A you have access to two large auto clubs with chapters all over the nation.

The Model A Ford Club of America, Inc. is a California not-for-profit corporation and a national historical society dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Model A Ford vehicles as manufactured from 1928 through 1931.

The Model “A” Restorers Club, founded in 1952, holds as its aims the encouragement of members to acquire, restore, preserve and exhibit the Model “A” Ford. And most importantly, to enjoy the fellowship of other Model “A” Ford owners around the world.

As mentioned above, Ford Model A’s are popular collectors cars. Two reasons the Model A’s retained their popularity was that they were quite advanced over the previous Model T’s and not nearly as many of them were produced. The 1930 cars were produced during the onset of the Great Depression and there was a downward pressure on prices.

Today restored Ford Model A’s are found in a wide range of prices depending on model and originality. There are many Model A reproductions on the market as well. As of this writing 1930 Model A Coupes for sale will generally be priced from the mid teens to the $30,000 range.

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