1965 Ford F 100 / Photos, Specs, Styling, Engine Options

The 1965 Ford F 100 ushered in many new improvements and today is a popular collector vehicle. The 1965 Ford F 100 was a part of the fourth generation of F Series trucks which covered the 1961 to 1966 model years. The 1965 Ford light trucks were milestone vehicles in many respects as will be explained below.

Ford F Series

The first generation of Ford F Series light trucks ran from 1948-1952. The F Series models began as F-1, F-2, F-3. The higher number designated a heavier cargo load. These were respectively half ton, three quarter ton, and one ton load capacity.

1965 ford pickup
1965 Ford F 100

More Options and More Comfort in Ford’s F 100’s

At the very least, 1965 forever changed the course of the light truck category moving pickup trucks from a single-use, work and hauling vehicle to a work / family vehicle strong enough to haul big loads of cargo, and still comfortable and luxurious enough to serve as daily driven commuter vehicles.

Driver comfort, one of the top goals of Ford for 1965, was substantially increased by Ford’s unique Twin-I-Beam suspension. Add to this a newly positioned shock-absorbing steering column, increased head and leg room, a redesigned fresh air ventilating system, a smaller, more effective heater, and brake and clutch pedals that took less effort to operate. All of this added to driver / passenger comfort.

By this time Chevrolet had already launched a more traditional independent front suspension on their two-wheel drive trucks, which made them more comfortable for passenger duties but at the same, the design raised questions about durability.

Ford’s approach essentially split the original single I-beam into two sections, with each mounting to the frame off of the center point. As such, each front wheel gained independent motion while retaining the strength and durability of a solid axle.

Other changes for 1965 include more styling tweaks for the grille, with front marker lights moving to positions above the headlights.

Ford’s first ever Crew Cab debuted midway through this model year as a special-order option; the first Camper Special package was offered, and the iconic Ranger nameplate was introduced featuring a new luxury trim level that offered items such as carpeting, and bucket seats. As an option on the Ranger was a center console.

65 f 100

Though extremely rare, F-Series trucks gained an extra set of doors to mark the first factory Crew Cab, available only as a special order option.

Equally rare was the new Ranger package, which served as a sporty top-of-the-line model with carpeting, bucket seats and other trim upgrades..

Twin I-Beam Suspension

One of the most significant changes adopted for the 1965 Ford light trucks was the introduction of Ford’s Twin I-Beam independent front suspension for two wheel drive pickups. The purpose of this type of front suspension was to give truck passengers a smoother ride comparable to what you’d experience in a passenger car.

Ford’s Twin I-Beam front suspension, first used in 1965 on F 100’s and F 250’s, basically had the front axle into two parts. Each axle part was connected to a wheel and attached to it’s own springs and pivot points. The attributes of this Twin I-Beam system was said to be a smoother ride and better handling.

classic ford trucks

1965 Ford F-100 Specifications

Three new engines gave the 1965 Ford F-100 trucks more power than ever before.

Three engine options available in 1965.These were 240 and 300 cubic inch Inline Six’s with 150 and 170 HP. Also a 352 cubic inch V-8 with 208 HP.

The Base transmission is a three speed manual. Options included heavy duty three or four speed manuals and a Cruise-O-Matic three speed automatic.

Brakes are four wheel hydraulic drums.

Twin I-Beam front suspension

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The 1965 Ford F 100 Collector Vehicle

Pickup trucks from the decades of the 50’s and 60’s are currently popular with collectors with many of the finely restored and original examples selling at auction at record prices.

65 ford f100 pickup

Current asking prices for 1965 Ford F 100’s cover a very wide range. Examples in restored showroom new condition appear to be in a range of from $55,000 up to the six figures. Examples in fair condition with reasonable mileage can be found in the low $20,000 area.

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