The 1966 Chevy C-10 Half Ton / Photos, All Model Details

Featured here is a nicely restored 1966 Chevrolet C-10 Half Ton Pickup. This model was a part of the first generation C-10’s.

66 chevy c10 specs
1966 Chevrolet C10

Prior to the introduction of the C10, Chevrolet mostly produced utilitarian trucks for ranchers, farmers and general workers. The new C10 line drove and appeared more similar to an automobile than a truck. The 1960 model year represented a real milestone for Chevrolet light duty pickups

There were a total of three generations of the Chevy C10. First were the 1960 through 1966 models. The second generation ran from 1967 through 1972. The third generation ran from 1973 through 1987. A very nice run of 27 years.

1966 C10 pics

Chevy’s C/K Series of Trucks

The Chevy C-10 were excellent sellers for General Motors.  The “C” in C10 indicates that the truck is a two-wheel drive model. The Chevrolet C/K series consisted of two-wheel drive trucks, labeled with a “C”. The K trucks were four wheel drive vehicles. The C10 was the half-ton model featuring two wheel drive. Chevy C-10 Body Styles. The numbers 10, 20, and 30 were used to reflect the 1/2, 3/4, and 1-ton versions.

The C-10 came in several body styles. These included the Stepside, Fleetside, Suburban SUV, Panel Truck, or there was even a custom option.

The Stepside and Fleetside were style terms used by GM. Other automakers used various terms to describe literally the same style. As an example, Ford Motor Company would adopt the term Styleside.

The Stepside had rear wheels located on the outside of the truck bed with a step placed between the wheel wells and the cab. The Stepside while adding a lot of style to the exterior had a bit less carrying capacity.

The Fleetside had a square look with a flat panel cargo box. The Fleetside had more carrying capacity but some would say lacked the styling of the Stepside. Others would say the Fleetside had a more modern appearance.

The 1965 C10 only came with the 6 foot five inch short cargo bed.  The long bed models were labeled C16 and K15.

66 chevy c10 specifications

1966 Chevy C-10 Specifications

The 1965 Chevy C10 was built with a 230 cubic-inch six cylinder engine capable of 165 HP.

Transmission included a forward shifting, column mounted, three-gear manual. An option available for the 1966 model was overdrive.

The 66 C10’s dimensions included a 115.0 inch wheelbase, 186.9 inch overall outside length, 78.8 inch width, 71.3 inch height. Curb weight was 3,300 lbs.

1966 Chevy C10 production totaled 161,000 units. This was about 50 percent more than 1965 production.

New vehicle price was $2,000.

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The 1966 Chevrolet C10 Collector Vehicle

The 1966 C10 Pickup is a popular choice for collectors and car restorers. The C10’s were very popular and light truck values have been rising steadily however there are many models available to the collector at relatively reasonable asking prices.

There are excellently restored original examples currently higher priced in the $60,000-$70,000 range. Average retails stands at about $35,000 with lower retail in the $18,000-$22,000 range. All asking i should reflect degree and age of restoration if any, originality, overall condition and mileage.

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