1959 Ford F 100 / Specifications, Photos, Styling Details

Featured here is a 1959 Ford F 100. The Ford F series of trucks were introduced for the 1948 model year with the first generation running from 1948-1952.

1959 ford f 100
1959 Ford F-100

What the F series in general intended to do was separate the Ford light trucks from the Ford automobile models. In so doing, Ford started the F Series with new dedicated chassis for truck production use. The “F” on these light trucks referred to Ford.

After World War Two, automakers began putting a larger emphasis on truck passenger comfort. Cabs became wider and seats were styled more comfortably. This started in the late 1940’s when the new postwar designs were unveiled and continued through the 1950’s. Automakers saw that buyers were attracted to light trucks that could be used for non utility purposes as well as for work.

Ford’s Bonus Built Models

The term Bonus Built just started as an advertising slogan in 1948 to compete against Chevrolet’s truck advertising. Chevrolet had been touting their new Advanced Design trucks and their sales were going quite well. Ford’s Bonus Built term referred to the many extras that were added to Ford trucks. These extras were advertised as things not always found with other brands of light trucks.

Ford needed to come up with a very strong marketing effort because at that time Chevrolet was fairly dominant in the light truck market. The Ford Vs. Chevy rivalry has been going on since forever for both automobiles and light trucks. It’s going on as of this writing between the Ford F-150 and the Chevy Silverado.

The Ford Bonus Built models not only applied to the F-1 Half Tons but the term was used through the three ton F-8.

This new “Bonus-Built” design featured a one-piece windshield and integrated headlights. The 1950 model was the last year for the “original” F-1. The F-1 pickup models however were built through the 1952 model year.

1959 ford pickup

1959 Ford F-100 Pickup Styling and Options

The 1959 model year was the last of the third generation F Series trucks. The third generation ran from 1957 thru 1959.

The F-100 model was Ford’s entry level half ton pickup. Styling changes for 1959 were relatively minor having to do with the grille, hood and shape of the turn signals.

Two cargo beds were available. One was a 6.5 foot bed on a 110 inch wheelbase. The larger cargo bed was 8 feet in length built on a 118 inch wheelbase.

The 1959 F-100 was built with bench seats. One popular option offered in 1959 was the Custom Cab package. This package included interior insulation and sound deadener material. Exterior additions included a two tone paint job, Custom Cab script on both doors, chrome grille and headlight bezels plus a white steering wheel with a chrome horn ring.

The 1959 F Series Fords offered a four wheel drive option straight from the factory as opposed to a third party conversion.

Plenty of popular options available on the 1959 F-100 which showed up in excellent sales figures.

1959 Ford F-100 Specifications

The standard engine for the 1959 Ford F 100 was a 223 cubic inch straight six or a 292 cubic inch Y-block V-8. Horsepower was rated at 131 and 181 respectively.The Y-block V-8 was also offered in a 189 HP configuration.

Standard transmission was a three speed manual. A manual with overdrive was also available as well as a two and three speed automatic as options.

1959 ford f 100 photos


Brakes on the F-100 were four wheel hydraulic drums.

The 6 1/2 foot F-100 short bed pickup has a 189.1 inch overall outside length. 110 inch wheelbase, 75.6 inch width and 75.4 inch height. Weight averaged about 3,250 lbs.

Total 1959 Ford F-100 Pickup production was 138,800 vehicles. From that number 26,600 were Flareside pickups and 112,200 were Styleside pickups.

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The 1959 Ford F-100 is a Popular Collector Vehicle

Classic Pickup trucks have become and still are very popular at collector auctions. Not only are excellently restored examples of 1950’s through 1970’s light trucks great head turners but parts are still relatively easy to find.

Whether it’s light trucks or automobiles, the models that began with the new post war designs ushered in a great era of modern styling which created a huge fan base still in existence today.

1959 f 100 photos

As a side note, light trucks in general in 2022 are selling about three to one compared to passenger sedans and coupes. Today however the automotive industry considers a light truck to include pickups, SUVs, crossovers, minivans and some smaller delivery vehicles.

Today’s light truck collector auction prices are influenced by the model year, originality, overall condition and degree and age of restoration. You’ll find these 1959 F-100’s at a very wide range of asking prices but for excellently restored original examples the range most likely will be in the $30,000 to $50,000 range.

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