The 1964 Chevy Chevelle El Camino / Photos Specs, Styling, Engines

Shown is a very nice looking 1964 Chevy Chevelle El Camino. The 1964 El Camino  represented the second generation of Chevrolet’s coupe pickup truck. The 1964 El Camino was based on Chevrolet’s new Chevelle passenger car.

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Chevrolet’s Development of the El Camino

When Chevrolet decided to produce their El Camino model they anticipated a strong market for the coupe/pickup. Ford came out with their Ranchero  two years earlier and with good success. Ford’s development of the Ranchero was a result of the success the Ford Ute attained in Australia during the early 1950’s. The Ute was a coupe utility vehicle. Recognizing the success of these type vehicles, Chevrolet decided to go ahead with the El Camino.

Just like the Ford Ranchero, the El Camino was categorized  as a crosesover utility vehicle. Both vehicles offered passenger car comfort and passenger car styling along with the utility of a pickup truck. Classified as a coupe/utility, the Chevy El Camino was sold along with the Chevrolet truck line.

What set the El Camino apart in the GM stable were all the luxury extras. Eventually GM’s regular pickup models took on all these luxury appointments and more. Some as standard equipment and others as options.

As a side note, the Chevy El Camino outlasted the Ford Ranvhero. The Ranchero ended production in 1979 and the El Camino in 1987.

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El Camino’s First Two Model Years

Produced for the 1959 and 1960 model years, the El Camino was discontinued after that second year. The reason was simply that sales plummeted in 1960 to about have the units sold in 1959.

Four years after its discontinuation, the El Camino returned on the Chevelle platform with more power and a longer option list. It appears that Chevrolet decided to hold off until the 1964 Chevelle was introduced with it’s new A-body platform before bringing back the El Camino. Eventually the Chevy El Camino was discontinued for good in 1987. It’s discontinuance had a lot to do with Chevy’s success with its S-10 pickup.

The El Camino was produced on several GM platforms, including the A-body and the B-body. While the El Camino was placed in the truck category, the model was built upon a passenger car chassis.

The Chevy El Camino Muscle Car

When Chevrolet brought back the El Camino in 1964 they were setting the stage for this coupe/utility to become a muscle car. Engines became more powerful every year and by 1968 the 327 cubic inch V-8 was putting out 325 HP. This was a 75 HP increase from the most powerful V-8 offered in 1964.

1964 Chevy Chevelle El Camino Specifications

Base engines for the 1964 El Camino were a 194 inline six delivering 120 HP. The base eight was a 283 cubic inch V-8 with 195 HP. Optional engines include a 230 cubic inch six, a 283 and 327 cubic inch V-8 with 155, 200 and 250 horsepower respectively.

Transmissions offered were a three speed manual, four speed manual and a two speed Powerglide automatic.

Brakes are four wheel hydraulic drums.

Front and rear suspensions are independent with upper and lower control arms and coil springs.

Dimensions include a 115.0 inch wheelbase, 198.25 inch overall outside length, 73.25 inch width, 54.1 inch height.

Approximately 30,000 1964 Chevy El Caminos were produced.

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1964 Chevy Chevelle El Camino Collector Popularity

The Chevrolet El Camino, and those from the decade of the 1960’s, are popular classic vehicles. Both the Chevy El Camino and the Ford Ranchero which represent the  “car/pickup” segment actually become more popular as time goes by.

The 1964 Chevy El Camino is a milestone vehicle in as much as it was the first new El Camino since the year 1960 and was built on the new Chevelle intermediate platform. The new 1964 El Camino had a larger choice of powerful engines and transmission options.  It was all those multi-purpose features that made the El Camino so much of an attraction during its long-running career.

Generally, the 1964 Chevrolet El Camino in excellent and restored condition appear to be priced in a range from about $30,000 to $50,000.

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