1941 Lincoln Continental Club Coupe / Photos, Specs, Styling Details

The automobile featured in this article is a stunning 1941 Lincoln Continental Club Coupe. A fine luxury automobile with exquisite styling.

lincoln continental
1941 Lincoln Continental Club Coupe

Ford Buys Lincoln Motor Company

The Lincoln brand was established in 1917 by Henry Leland. Leland, a founder of Cadillac, and an executive with GM after the latter’s acquisition of Cadillac, named the brand after President Abraham Lincoln. In 1922, the Lincoln Motor Company ,which was failing, was bought by Henry Ford.

Henry Ford’s interest in buying the Lincoln Motor Company was to have a standalone luxury brand. It was important for Ford to expand it’s product line. General Motors was taking share away from Ford by offering more choices while Ford was only concentrating on it’s Model T.

The Lincoln Continental

The Lincoln Zephyr Continental was introduced for the 1939 model year. The Continental was designed to be a personal car for Edsel Ford and built with a powerful V-12 engine.

The Lincoln Zephyr was produced from 1936 through 1940 and was very popular with it’s sleek smooth lines and aerodynamic look. The Zephyr was successful as a mid priced luxury car during the latter part of the Great Depression. Many would say that the development and success of the Lincoln Zephyr saved the Lincoln brand during the Depression.

When the Continental came out in 1939 it was the first time the name Continental appeared on a car from Lincoln, as a model under Lincoln-Zephyr rather than a separate model. These very first Zephyr Continental’s were partially hand built since machine processing didn’t come out until 1940.

During that first year production for the Continental was low with only 350 Cabriolets and 54 Club Coupes built.

The 1940 Lincoln-Zephyr Continental was the first time the name Continental appeared on a car from Lincoln, as a model under Lincoln-Zephyr rather than a separate model. The Continental was a sportier, top of the price range companion to the Zephyr. These first examples were partially hand-built since dies for machine-pressing were not constructed until 1941. Just 350 Cabriolets and 54 Club Coupes were built. Bodies were built by Briggs which was a very successful coach builder and second only to Fisher Body in Detroit.

Based on the success of the first Continentals, Edsel Ford approved placing the 1940 models into full production.

1941 lincoln continental

The 1941 Lincoln Continental Club Coupe

The first Continental’s were considered by many to be a work of art and the 1941 example is no exception.

While the styling of the 1941 Continental was little changed from the previous year there were mechanical differences from the previous years model.

Of great significance in 1941 is that the Continental became a distinct model separate from the Zephyr. No longer considered a sub series.

While the Lincoln Zephyr was considered mid priced, the Continental was truly a  luxurious work of art inside and out and had a price tag to match at roughly $3,000, much higher than the Zephyr.  Continental was the highest priced automobile in the Lincoln line up.

Mechanically, the Zephyr and Continental were similar with the Continental being three inches lower and its hood being seven inches longer.

1941 continental

1941 Lincoln Continental Club Coupe Specifications

Engine for the 41 Lincoln Continental is a 292 cubic inch L Head V-12 with a single two barrel carburetor and delivering 120 HP. The V-12’s were discontinued in 1948.

Transmission is a three speed manual with overdrive.

Brakes are four wheel hydraulic drums.

1941 Lincoln Continental dimensions include a 125.0 inch wheelbase, 209.0 inch overall length, 63.0 inch height, 74.0 inch width. Curb weight 3,850 lbs.

1941 Lincoln total production was 17,700 units. From that number 1,250 were Continentals and from that number 850 were Coupes.

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41 lincoln continental coupe

1941 Lincoln Continental Collector Automobile

The 1941 Lincoln Continental is a rare automobile today and is designated as a Full Classic by the Classic Car Club of America. This particular model is representative of the late 1930’s creative styling could accomplish.

The 1941 Lincoln Continental is quite rare today and a finely restored example like the one featured is even more rare. Only 850 of the Club Coupes were built in 1941.

Current auction sales results show the 1941 Lincoln Continentals to be reasonably valued relative to their milestone status and rarity. For examples in perfect restored condition you may find sales in the range of about $50,000 to $100,000.

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