The 1957 DeSoto Adventurer Convertible / Photos, Specs, Styling, Engine

This beautiful 1957 DeSoto Adventurer Convertible has all the modern styling details seen in most late 1950’s automobiles. In addition to flamboyant styling this car had plenty of power with an engine rated at 345 HP. In fact, the DeSoto Adventurer was the first American car to offer one horsepower per cubic inch as standard equipment. In the boom years of the late 1950s, the Adventurer was DeSoto’s top-of-the-line performance car.

1957 desoto adventurer
1957 DeSoto Adventurer Convertible

DeSoto Automobiles

DeSoto took on the name of the Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto. The line was formerly a division of the Chrysler Corporation and was a mid size model positioned above Plymouth and below Dodge. DeSotos promoted the saying.. “a lot of car for the money”.

Many car brands with storied histories did not survive through to the modern day. Declining sales resulted in the brand being retired after 33 years in operation. As recently as 1957, DeSoto had a great year, with over 117,000 Forward Look models  produced. Things came to stop however in 1958. This had everything to do with the 1958 recession where alilsales from all automakers decreased. But DeSoto still fared worse than most others with sales dipping down to under 50,000 vehicles.

Wagons were gone. Convertibles were gone. And the special high-performance Adventurer was gone as well. An Adventurer did return, but it more or less took the place of the ’59 Fireflite, as the top-trim model but was not the sporty muscle car –much like Chevrolet did with the Impala in 1959. It was no longer the sporty muscle DeSoto, as it had been in 1957.

57 desoto adventurer

The 1957 DeSoto Adventurer Convertible Styling

Style and performance were the primary characteristics of DeSoto’s new Adventurer model for the 1956 model year. The 1957 model had larger tail fins and the addition of a two door convertible to the Adventurer line. The Adventurer was offered in just two exclusive colors these being white with gold accents or black with gold accents. The Adventurer had plenty of chrome and the 1957 model was six inches lower than the 56 model. Mechanix Illustrated editor Tom McCahill declared the DeSoto Adventurer the best styled of all the Chrysler cars of 1957.

A two-door hardtop body style was the only way an Adventurer could be had during the 1956 model year but that was short lived and changed when the 1957 models were introduced with the availability of a two door hardtop and a convertible; production figures show that 1,650 hardtops were built versus just 300 convertibles.

1957 DeSoto Adventurer Specifications

The 1957 DeSoto Adventurer put the nameplate firmly in the performance arena. Each Adventurer was equipped with the most powerful engine that DeSoto ever offered. All  of these engines featured a dual-quad carburetor configuration..The 1957 model had a new 345 cubic inch V-8 engine capable of putting out 345 HP. . Horsepower was moved up to 345 compared to 320 HP the previous year.

desoto adventurer convertible

Transmission is a three speed automatic.

Brakes are four wheel hydraulic drums with power option.

Dimensions include a 126.0 inch wheelbase, 221.0 inch overall outside length, 78.2 inch width, 60.3 inch height. Curb weight 4,400 lbs.

Total 1957 DeSoto Adventurer Convertible production was only 300 vehicles. This was out of a total 1,950 Adventurers for 1957.

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The 1957 DeSoto Adventurer Collector Car

As rare collector automobiles go, the 1957 DeSoto Adventurer Convertible fits the bill with only 300 examples produced for the 1957 model year.

1957 desoto

The Adventurer model itself is rare with only 15,662 models built during its entire production run over three years. These are special automobiles with unique styling and in the case of the 57 Adventurer a powerful muscle car. As mentioned this 57 model produced one horsepower for every cubic inch of displacement. This is another reason why this collector car is unique.

Collector interest centers on the convertible models since only about 480  were produced through the entire three years of production. will want to seek out the convertibles, with just 479 made through three years of production.

Auction sale prices for the 1957 DeSoto Adventurer Convertibles in excellent condition have been sold in the $200,000- $300,000 plus range. The hardtops are valued high as well with auction sale prices approaching $100,000.

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