1968 Ford Torino GT Fastback / Photos, Specs, Styling, Engines

Our featured car is a sleek 1968 Ford Torino GT Fastback. The Torino was produced from 1968 to 1976. The car was entered as a mid-sized Ford model and with the Ford engines offered was made to be a muscle car. All 1968 models were two door vehicles.

1968 torino gt
1968 Ford Torino GT Fastback

Torino Developed From the Fairlane

When Ford Motor Company introduced the Ford Torino in 1968 for the North American market, it was intended as an upscale variant of the intermediate-sized Fairlane. The Ford Torino was developed from the Fairlane model in many ways. The Fairlane name was used for the lower trim level models while the upscale models were called Torino. The Torino was meant to be a luxury muscle car.

The Ford Torino over it’s total production run offered a full line of models including styles that included a sedan, hardtop sedan, fastback coupe, convertible, hardtop coupe, and a station wagon. Trim levels offered on the Torino line included the Brougham, Torino GT, and Cobra. The Torino GT has a nicely styled fastback body.

Big Performance for a Mid Size Car

Ford’s idea for the Torino Gt was to build a muscle car that could compete against muscle cars like the Dodge Charger and Chevy Chevelle. In doing so they found themselves quite successful when it came to racing and performance.

In 1968, the Torino was created as the base car for the Ford Racing Groups NASCAR team.The late 1960’s was a time when powerful cars were promoted by most automakers. In regards to the 1968 Ford Torino GT, the goal was to create top performance in a mid size car. With that being said, the Torino fastback model was a big hit with NASCAR. American stock car driver David Pearson took the 1968 title. In 1968, Pearson entered 48 of the year’s 49 events. Campaigning a Holman-Moody #17 Ford Torino he qualified on the pole on 12 separate occasions, won 16 events, scored 36 top-fives, and won his second NASCAR Grand National championship.

Over the nine years that the Ford Torino was used on the NASCAR circuit it had 27 race wins and 26 pole position placements. This of course is a very impressive record.

68 ford torino gt fastback

1968 Ford Torino GT Styling

In addition to the popular GT Fastback styling the Torino GT   All 1968 Torino GTs were built with a power bulge hood, even if the example you’re considering was ordered with the 428. This is because Ford didn’t offer the Ram Air system as an option until ’69, and even then, it wasn’t mandated by engine selection. Side stripes were standard but differed between the Fastbacks (full-body “C” style) and convertibles and formal hardtops (a single thick stripe along the rocker panel/lower quarter panel). Styled steel wheels with “GT” centers were standard. Model-year updates were primarily to the grille and rear fascia.

Interiors were relatively plush, though not overly luxurious. Bench seats or buckets were offered in a respectable array of colors in cloth or vinyl, while four tunneled gauge pods set into the dash did their part to lend a sporting air. Air conditioning, power-controlled equipment, and choice of radio were just some of the comfort options that were commonly available.

As a result of Ford Torino popularity, the Fairlane model itself was discontinued in 1970.

68 torino gt

1968 Ford Torino GT Specifications

The Torino was built from the very beginning with lots of power and comfort with standard equipment V-8 engines from the small block 302, to the big block 390 and 428 Cobra Jet.

Engines offered for the first half of 1968 included a 302 cubic inch V-8, and a 390 cubic inch V-8. The second half year offered a new Cobra Jet 428 and a Super Cobra Jet version.

Transmissions offered were a 3-speed manual 4-speed manual 3-speed C4 automatic 3-speed C6 automatic.

Total 1968 Torino GT production was 100,400 vehicles. The convertible GT was by far the rarest with only 5,300 built. The biggest selling model was the two door hardtop at 74,130 vehicles.

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The 1968 Ford Torino GT Collector Car

The Ford Torino GT, while not receiving the media attention quite like the Mustang, is a very popular muscle car of the late 1960’s for collectors. This was the era when power meant almost everything  and the Torino delivered the monster power with upscale luxury to match.

An interesting fact regarding the 1968 Torino GT that some may not know has to do with a UAW union strike just one month after production began. In Ford’s effort to cut costs at this time they used the 280 cubic inch V-8 as Torino’s base engine. While the 289 were put in the car the emblems on the exterior were not changed. As a result there were Torino’s with a 289 V-8 on the inside but a 302 emblem on the exterior.

The fact that the Ford Torino GT had a relatively short production run of just six years, Because of this examples in great condition are receiving healthy bids at auctions. The average recent auction sales are averaging about $39,000. With this being said there are many who believe the values of the Torino GT could increase impressively in the future.

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