The 1954 Ford Crestline Custom Coupe / Photos, Specs, Styling Details

Featured is a fine looking 1954 Ford Crestline Custom Coupe. There was a continuation of the three Ford models for 1954 being the Mainline, Customline and the top of the line full size Crestline.

The 1954 Crestline Models

The Crestline models for 1954 included the Victoria, Sunliner, Country Squire, Fordor Sedan and Skyliner. The Fordor and Skyliner were new for 1954. The Skyliner was a   one year only model with a glass roof hardtop.

ford crestline
1954 Ford Crestline Custom

When Ford introduced their new post war designs in 1949 they represented an entirely new much more modern design. No similarities whatsoever to the 1948 models. Those first new post war designs were produced through 1951. Starting in 1952 Ford introduced yet another new design which would run from 1952 through 1954. The 52-54 Fords, while still drawing it’s basic design from the 49-51 series, did put forth several changes, both styling wise and mechanically.

The New 1952-1954 Fords

For 1952, Ford made some sheet metal changes.The fresh sheet metal included  sculptured rear quarter panels with aircraft like  air intakes. These were also seen on the Lincoln and Mercury cars of those model years. Ford actually beat Chevrolet by one full year with their new 1952 look. This was important because of the fierce competition between Ford and Chevrolet had become. Neither company wanted to be “out redesigned”.

1954 Ford Crestline Styling

Looking at the 1954 models, Ford decided to do another face lift. This restyling included bright side trim and another new grille and parking lights..The 1954 grille has a central bullet housed in a full width grille opening. Parking lights and turn signals are on a light at each end of the wide grille as part of the grille.

The restyling noted above for 1954 was considered minor. The more notable change on all the models from 52-54 are found on the rear quarter panels. Underneath the automobile were some notable changes.

1954 ford crestline

While the appearance changes from the 1953 models to 1954 were minor, however more notable changes were found underneath the car with an updated chassis with ball-joint front suspension. Also, the 1954 Fords introduced the all new Y-Block V-8 with 130 HP.

The Fairlane replaced the Crestline as the premium full-sized Ford automobile in 1955. The Ford Fairlane was produced in the United States for the 1955 through 1970 model years.


1954 Ford Crestline Specifications

Engines available with the 1954 Ford Victoria included the Y-Block Overhead 3.9 liter Valve V-8 with 239 cubic inch displacement and the inline six cylinder with 222.9 cubic inch displacement. The V-8 delivered 130 HP and the six cylinder 115 HP. The Y-Block engine was an improvement over the flathead engine and put out about 25 more HP.  The Y-Block replaced the flathead in 1954. The six cylinder standard engine was economical averaging about 25 MPG,

The Y-Block Ford V-8 is an engine that led Ford to racing victories that Ford’s competitors had a hard time matching. Also, The Y-Block got it’s name because if you look at the engine block from the front it’s shaped like the letter “Y“. It’s said that a particular carburetor available to law enforcement agencies for the Y-Block V-8 engine increased horsepower from 130 to 140. 

This particular Custom Ford Crestline is powered with a 351 cubic inch Windsor V-8 with a Holley Sniper carburetor. This automobile also has four wheel disc brakes and Ford 9 inch Positraction. rear end along with a louvered hood.

Transmissions included a three speed manual with optional overdrive and a Ford-O-Matic three speed automatic with overdrive.

Brakes are four wheel hydraulic drums.

Ford introduced an entirely new front suspension system on the 54’s called the angle-poised ball-joint. The rear suspension was live-axle, longitudinal semi-elliptic leaf springs and hydraulic tube shocks.

Total 1954 Ford production was 1,160,000 vehicles. Total Crestline production was 254,700 units.

Ford Motor came out with an entirely new front suspension system on the 1954’s called the angle-poised ball-joint. The car’s rear suspension was live-axle, longitudinal semi-elliptic leaf springs and hydraulic tube shocks.

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1954 ford crestline

The 1954 Ford Crestline Collector Automobile

The Ford Crestlines which were produced for only three years are popular collector automobiles. The 1954 model year was special in as much as it was the last model year for the Crestlines and with the new Y-Block V-8 and suspension system.

Auction sale prices for the 1954 Crestline models have a lot to do with the particular model, originality and condition.. The range for restored models in excellent condition generally runs from about $25,000 to $50,000. The Skyliners and Sunliners in excellent condition tend to sell on the higher end. The Sunliner and Skyliner are among today’s collectors are the most valuable of the 1954 offerings. Even restomods can sell at good prices, One example of auction results is a 54 Crestline Restomod that sold for $46,000 about a year ago.

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