Featured here is a great looking 1955 Two-Tone Ford Fairlane Sedan. With two-tone paint jobs, automobile manufacturers would typically give the car’s body a vibrant color followed up with a well matched contrasting color. We feel that two-tone classic cars from the decade of the 50’s with the right combination of colors look terrific, stand out, and this restored example fits the bill.

1955 ford specifications
1955 Ford Fairlane Four Door Sedan

The Ford Fairlane

For full size Ford automobiles, the Fairlane.took the place of the Ford Crestline as it’s top model. The Ford Fairlane was produced in the United States for the 1955 through 1970 model years. As models go that is a fairly impressive run. The Fairlane stayed a full size vehicle for several years but was switched to mid size status beginning in 1962.

The 1955 Ford Fairlane,with six different models available and being restyled, was a longer, lower, and wider automobile.than the full size Ford of the previous year. In addition, the windshield was rounded and the grille was concave in place of the long horizontal bar on 1954 Ford models. A chrome strip went from the top of the front fenders all along the side and ended at the taillights. There was also a chrome eyebrow on the top of the headlights. Tail fins for the 55 Ford’s were modest, similar to those see on the new Thunderbird.

55 ford fairlane photosA real significant option starting with the 1955 model year was that Ford buyers had the option of purchasing their new cars with air conditioning. Ford named it’s air conditioning system Comfortaire. Although this was good news especially if you lived in a hot climate, the option was costly. The estimate is that Ford built less than 500 vehicles in 1955 with Comfortaire.

The Styling of the 1950’s

The decade of the 1950’s was an exciting time in the automotive business. Changes of course were made a several after the end of World War Two. In Ford’s case the new postwar designs were seen for the first time with the 1949 models. The contrast between the Ford’s of 1948 and those of 1949 could not have been greater. When we entered the 1950’s, modernization was really taking hold and designers/stylists were given fairly liberal authority. The tail fins on 1950’s automobiles is just one big example although, as mentioned, the fins on the 1955 Ford’s were quite modest.

1955 Ford Sedan Specifications

Ford offered two engines for the 55 Fairlane. These were a 223 cubic inch straight six and a 272 cubic inch V8.

Gearbox was a three speed manual.

Brakes were four wheel hydraulic drums.

Dimensions include a wheelbase of 115.5 inches, an overall length of 198.5 inches, a width of 75.9 inches, height 61.0 inches. Shipping weight was  3,190 lbs.

55 ford failrlane stylingThe 1955 Ford Fairlane Four Door Sedan sold new in 1955 for about $1,900.

Ford had a very good 1955 sales year having sold just short of 1.5 million vehicles.They achieved a record that beat out the previous record set in 1953. Ford Fairlane production was just over 600,000 vehicles making it the best selling of Ford’s models.

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1955 Ford Collector Cars

1955 fairlane specificationsThe 1955 Ford Fairlane represented the first year of the model and has milestone status. Engines were more powerful, design was lower and longer, passenger and driver comfort was improved, and you could now enjoy the Ford Comfortaire air conditioning option.

Most any automobile from the 1950’s can be considered a real classic. These were cars that were not only transportation but also works of art by the designer and stylist. Most classic car enthusiasts can look at the front end of a 1950’s model and tell you what the nameplate is. Not so easy to do today by a long shot.

Current asking prices for 1955 Ford Fairlane’s are very dependent on the trim level. The Fairlane Victoria is Ford Fairlane’s top trim.

The Fairlane Sedan’s such as the model featured here might be found in a range of $12,000 to $25,000. Some can be found below this rage and above as well.  The Ford Fairlane Victoria will mostly be found in the $35,000 plus range. All values of course are dependent on age and degree of restoration {if any} plus mileage and overall mechanical and body condition..

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