Beautiful 1956 Nash Rambler Cross Country Wagon / Specs, Photos, Details

Here is a great looking 1958 Nash Rambler Cross Country Wagon. Our featured vehicle has a three color scheme of red, black and white which stands out beautifully.

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1956 Nash Rambler Cross Country Wagon










Nash Rambler and the 1954 Mergers

For some background, know that the Nash Rambler wagons were introduced in 1951 and by 1953 had received a more modern redesign. Nashes were recognized as sensible, economical cars, and the wagon variants were even more sensible; they proved to be popular products for the independent automaker, helping it through some of its most challenging years. Importantly, upper trim level cars could be had with wood grain accents.

The 1954 mergers and the forming of American Motors by combining Nash-Kelvinator and Hudson would have a major impact with all involved. This merger at the time was the largest in U.S. history. AMC would further expand when they acquired Jeep in 1970.

The smaller independent automakers were having a difficult time competing against Detroit’s Big Three. Retooling costs alone became a big burden. The Big Three benefited from economies of scale, Because of this the combination of Nash Rambler and Hudson into the new AMC was inevitable. If nothing else, it gave these smaller brands a better playing field to compete on and some extra time.

As a side note, the Rambler began as a Nash model. Later it was offered through Hudson dealers and then became a separate make itself. Rambler set sales records for independent makes. For 1957 Rambler was an all new brand at AMC. The old and storied Nash Motors, founded in 1916, and Hudson Motor Car Company, founded in 1909, that had merged to create American Motors were fading away,

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The Nash Rambler Cross Country Wagon

The Cross Country Station Wagon model  was introduced in 1954. The model was built on a 108 inch wheelbase and a 191 inch overall length. Engine was a 196 cubic inch straight six delivering 90 HP.

The 1956 Nash Rambler Cross Country Wagon

This 1956 Nash Rambler Cross Country Station Wagon is a rare classic vehicle today. There were some notable differences with the 1956 models. The 56 Nash Rambler Cross Country Wagon featured the first wagon hardtop. A wagon without a B pillar which meant no pillar between the front and rear windows.  AMC introduced the roll down tailgate window. This was a design giving better options to owners than the second lift gate window other automakers were offering. Also, for 1956 the Cross Country wagons increased their cargo capacity by a third.

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1956 Nash Rambler Cross Country Wagon Specifications

The 1956 Cross Country Wagon was built with an AMC Typhoon 196 cubic inch straight six cylinder engine with a Holley 2 barrel carburetor producing 120 HP.

The engine was originally designed by Nash in the 1930s as a flathead, and redesigned as an OHV engine in 1956. The flathead disappeared for 1957 but came back in 1958. From 1958 to 1965 the 196 was offered in both overhead valve and flathead versions.

Transmissions available included a three speed manual and a four speed Flashaway Hydramatic automatic.

Brakes are four wheel hydraulic drums with a power brake option.

Power steering was an option on the Nash Rambler Wagons.

Dimensions for the 1956 Nash Rambler Cross Country Wagon included a 108.0 inch wheelbase, 191.1 inch overall length, 71.3 inch width, 58.6 inch height. Curb weight 3,400 lbs.

Total 1956 production of the Cross Country Wagons and Rambler Super Station Wagon combined were 21,550 vehicles. The new 1956 Cross Country Wagon was priced at about $2,300.

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Nash Rambler Cross Country Wagon Collector Popularity

Although some will say that Nash automobiles are relatively under appreciated by today’s collector. The fact is that Nash is responsible for many advances that have been adapted in modern automotive manufacturing. One such first by Nash was the fresh air heating and ventilating system.

Auction sale prices for the 1956 Nash Rambler Cross Country Wagon in excellent condition and with highly original equipment are in a range from about $20,000 to $28,000. This valuation makes the models relatively affordable to begin a collection with and own an automobile that represents the smaller independent brands and their historic mergers of the 1950’s.

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