1980 Ford Custom F-150 / Photos, Specifications, Model History

Here is a nice looking 1980 Ford Custom 150 Half Ton Pickup. This model is a part of the seventh generation of Ford F trucks.

ford f 150
1980 Ford F-150



Ford’s F Series Trucks

Ford had a solid reputation as a truck builder decades before the first F-Series trucks debuted in 1948. The difference with the F Series trucks was that the first F-1 model began a long tradition that has seen pickup trucks change from being only farm and ranch utility trucks to family vehicles capable of both work and pleasure.

When World War Two ended, the Ford Motor Company began work on their next series of small trucks which would ultimately turn into the new F Series Fords. These trucks were also to be known as the  F-Series Bonus Built trucks.The size of these trucks offered would range from the half-ton F-1 pickup to the cab-over F-8.

Ford used the term Bonus Built  as an advertising slogan in 1948 to compete against Chevrolet’s truck advertising. The term was meant to refer to the many extras now added to Ford trucks. Ford referred to these extras as items and styling not always found in other makes. What Ford attempted to do was to put up a strong challenge to General Motors who had pretty much dominated the pickup truck market at that time.

The 1980 Ford F-150

The first F-150 Ford truck came out in 1975. It was produced side by side with the F-100. It didn’t take long for the F-150 to be much more in demand and popular than the current  F-100.The F-150 was placed between the F-100 and F-250. The reason for the development of the F-150 had to do with the federal emission regulations. The F-100 eventually disappeared in 1983 being replaced with the existing F-150. The Ford F-150 offered more towing and hauling capability than the F-100.

The 1980 F-150 seventh generation Ford offered buyers the standard cab and the Super Cab. The Super Cab was built with two rows and four doors and could seat up to six. The 1980 F-150’s also had a column mounted ignition and an interior hood release.

The 1980’s F-150’s compared to the previous models had a lower stance and were a bit shorter and narrower. The 1980 F-150 also received more sound deadening material. Also a new square grille with horizontal and vertical bars.

Fuel economy was also a consideration during these model years  for virtually all truck manufacturers and Ford made several changes to improve fuel economy. These included slimmer body lines to reduce wind drag, the use of plastics and lighter gauge steel where heavier steel was not necessary.

Trim levels were Custom, Ranger, Ranger XLT, and Ranger Lariat.

1980 ford f 150




1980 Ford F-150 Specifications

A 300 cubic inch inline-six with 120 HP was the standard engine, while a 302 cubic inch with 133 HP and a 351 cubic inch with 136 HP V-8 were available options. It’s reported that about three quarters of buyers continued to choose the standard inline six.

Three and four speed manuals as well as a three speed automatic were available transmissions.

Brakes were four wheel hydraulic drums.

Total 1980 Ford F-150 production was 173,000 units. The base Ford F-100 produced 133,500 units. Base price for the 1980 F-150 was about $5,900.

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The 1980 Ford F-150 Collector Car

The 1980 F 150, the F Series seventh generation, turned out to be a big turning point for Ford truck production. Introduced for 1980, the seventh-generation F-Series marked many firsts for the series.

80 ford f 150

The seventh generation design actually served as the template defining the next decade and a half of the brand’s pickup production. For this reason we feel the 1980 F 150 represents a milestone for Ford in their goal of providing a comfortable light truck experience. Additionally, the 1980 model introduced many improvements to fuel efficiency, as mentioned, including lighter steel components and the use of plastics in specific areas to further reduce weight.

Current sale prices for the 1980 Ford F-150  appear to be quite reasonable. Valuations obviously have all to do with overall condition, mileage, restoration, particular model and engine. An example in good condition might be found in a range of $13,000 to $18,000. The top sales were recorded in the $30,000 to $50,000 range.

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