1972 Chevy El Camino / Photos, Specs, Styling Details, Engines

Featured is a great looking 1972 Chevrolet El Camino. This model is a third generation El Camino. These El Camino’s were related very close to the Chevelle models and everything from the windshield forward was essentially a Chevelle including engine offerings.

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1972 Chevrolet El Camino

El Camino Utility Vehicle and Muscle Car

Chevrolet introduced the El Camino for the 1959 model year, some two years after  Ford introduced their popular Ranchero. The El Camino was considered a crossover utility vehicle offering passenger type car comfort and styling along with the utility of a pickup truck. The Chevy El Camino was sold as part of Chevrolet’s truck line.

Although the vehicle wasn’t designed for this, the El Camino went on to become not only a crossover utility but with the choice of powerful engines offered also a muscle car. The next year would see an oil crisis and that along with the new federal emission regulations would place a big road block on  big engine automobiles.

For the 1968 model year the Chevy El Camino,had a complete body restyling. In addition to that, the vehicle was loaded with a more powerful Super Sport engine. It was likely at that time the Chevy El Camino truly became an American muscle car at the height of the muscle car era.

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1972 Chevy El Camino Specifications

Engine choices for the 1972 El Camino included a 250 cubic inch Inline six rated at 145 HP, a 350 cubic inch V-8 with 165 HP. Two other V-8 options with significantly more power were a Turbo-Jet 400 cubic inch V-8 at 240 HP and a 454 cubic inch V-8 at 270 HP.

Depending on what engine you choose there are four available transmissions. Standard is a three speed manual. A four speed manual is offered with SS engines and Turbo Hydramatic and Powerglide three speeds automatics were also available.

Brakes are front disc with power and rear hydraulic drums.

Dimensions include a 116.0 inch wheelbase, 206.9 inch overall outside length, 75.4 inch width, 54.4 inch height. Curb weight 3,500 lbs.

Total 1972 Chevy El Camino production was 57,000 units. This is significant in as much as the 1972 El Camino’s outsold the Ford Ranchero in 1972 by about 20,000 vehicles.

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The 1972 Chevy El Camino Collector Car

There’s plenty of things going for the Chevrolet El Camino as a collector vehicle. The 972 version featured in this article is special with it’s big powerful engine options along with it’s sleek styling. Major advantages with this 1972 model prior to the oil embargo of 1972.

1972 el camino

As far as current asking prices are concerned, the 1972 El Camino has sold below it’s sedan counterparts. Along with this you’ll have a good looking popular collector vehicle in which you can haul cargo.

Asking prices are obviously effected by overall condition and engine type. Excellent condition restored examples with the V-8 engine option can be found in the $29000-$50,000 range. Models with the 400 and 454 cubic inch big block V-8’s will in most cases be the most valuable.

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