1960 Ford Galaxie / Photos, Specs, Styling Details, Model History

Featured here is a classic 1960 Ford Galaxie. The Galaxie was Ford’s full size top of the line offering. The Galaxie name during that time was a reference to the ongoing space race of the 50’s and 60’s.

1960 ford galaxie
1960 Ford Galaxie

The Introduction of the Ford Galaxie

The Galaxie was Ford’s answer to the highly popular Chevrolet Impala. When the Ford Galaxie debuted in 1959 it edged out the Fairlane model as Ford’s top trim level and the Galaxie and Fairlane badges were seen together.

The Galaxie was a big profit booster for the Ford Motor Company and it also earned the company several victories on the race circuit. The muscle car sales race didn’t necessarily kick off in 1960 but it was that decade that turned into a muscle car power race among virtually all American automakers. hadn’t officially been flagged off yet but the 60s was where all the action was happening. The Ford Galaxie did exceptionally well with its Ford FE engine. The FE engine was primarily used in full and midsize Ford cars and trucks.

Another unique feature available was found in the Galaxie Skyliner with it’s retractable hardtop roof which mechanically was stored in the trunk area.

As mentioned above, the Chevy Impala was the Ford Galaxie’s main rival. The Galaxie at first was a heavy full size automobile. Ford engineers made some progress in lightening the full size Galaxie’s since the Impala was a lighter and sleeker automobile.

60 ford galaxie

1960 Ford Galaxie Styling Details

As mentioned, the Ford Galaxie was a heavy full size automobile. For 1960, Ford engineers and stylists worked to improve wind resistance. The hood was new and sloped and the grille was redesigned.

The 1960 Galaxie was built with quad headlights. The Galaxie’s rear had new elliptical designed taillights and a chrome band accented the fender lines. A new windshield was used that increased visibility by about one third.

The Ford Galaxies were different than their Ford siblings in one respect by their chrome A-pillar moldings, chrome framed window and chrome side trim moldings.

1960 Ford Galaxie Specifications

Buyers for the 1960 Ford Galaxie had a choice of three engines. These comprised one Inline Six and one V-8 which came in several configurations.

The Inline Six is a 223 cubic inch which delivered 145 HP. The V-8’s were Thunderbird V-8’s with displacements of 292 cubic inches and 352 cubic inches. The 292 V-8 put out 185 HP. The 352’s delivered 235 HP and 300 HP depending on the configuration.

Several transmissions available for the 1960 Galaxie including a three speed manual, four speed manual, two speed Fordomatic automatic and a three speed Cruise-O-Matic automatic.

Dimensions include a 119.0 inch wheelbase, 213.7 inch overall outside length, 81.3 inch width. Curb weight 3,950 Lbs.

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1960 fords

The 1960 Ford Galaxie Collector Car

The 1960 Ford Galaxie is a milestone automobile from Ford. It is both a full size fa,ily vehicle as well as a performance car. It’s competitor of course was the popular Chevy Impala. For the Ford Motor Company the Galaxie was a big success. Ford built close to 8 million Galaxie’s over the models fifteen year production run.

Auction sales results for the 1960 Ford Galaxie vary through a wide range depending on condition and originality. The price range as per auction results show that the model is reasonably priced. Examples in perfect showroom type condition should be found in the $50,000 to $100,000 range. Those examples in excellent condition should be found somewhere in the $30,000 to $40,000 range.1960 Ford Galaxie’s in good condition might be found in the $20,000 to $30,000 range.