1946 Ford One Ton Pickup / Photos, Specs, Styling Details

Featured is a great looking 1946 Ford One Ton Pickup with wide whitewall tires that stand out beautifully. These Ford light trucks came out immediately after the end of World War Two.

The Postwar Years and The Styling Wars

The automotive market changed significantly after the end of World War II, Two of the biggest automobile names, Chevy and Ford, launched massive advertising campaigns. The significant styling updates would see Chevrolet introducing it’s Advance Design series in 1947 and Ford with it’s F Series light truck models in 1948. Styling upgrades continued and by mid 1950, yearly styling changes and upgrades became part of the car and light truck wars. New styling in many cases came out year after year.  1946 ford truck

1946 Ford One Ton PickupThe New 1946 One Ton (Tonner) Ford Pickup

While the 1946 models for most automakers were rehashes of the 1942 models, a significant design change regarding Ford Pickup Trucks was that by 1942 the company’s cars and trucks had much different styling. This was opposed to the prior styling where Ford passenger cars and trucks shared the same overall design.

The  Ford Motor Company retained the basic design of the 1942 model year with some minor alterations.

Although these 1946 models came rushing off the assembly line in 1945 to satisfy pent up demand from buyers, the trucks did offer several options. These included a sliding rear window, interior heater and several options for exterior paint color.

The 1946 designed truck came out with a new heavy grille with vertical bars. Although there was a new design, parts from the 1942 model Ford trucks were employed in this model which in itself explains many of the similarities between the 42 and 46 models. Also, the hood was widened and had red accents added. Aside from the above, the trucks resembled in many ways the previous prewar model. The 1941 and 1942 models also had many styling similarities.

Regarding the One Ton Ford model compared to the Ford Half Ton, the cab and front end are the same but the front and rear fenders are bigger on the one ton. Both models had a wood plank bed framed by steel.

46 ford truck

1946 Ford One Ton Pickup Specifications

For those ordering a 1946 Ford One Ton Pickup, you would have a choice of three engines. A 201 cubic inch Inline-4 (Europe) with 40 HP, a 226 cubic inch Inline-6 with 90 HP and a 239 cubic inch flathead V-8 with 100 HP.

Transmission is a three speed manual on the floor.

Brakes are four wheel hydraulic drums.

Suspension included hydraulic double acting shock absorbers.

Production numbers for the 1946 Ford One Ton trucks are not available. It has been reported that about 75,000 Half Tons were built. What is known is that the production for Ford one ton models increased significantly when the Ford F Series trucks were introduced a few years later.

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The 1946 Ford One Ton Pickup Collector Vehicle

The One Ton Ford Pickup featured in this article represents a milestone vehicle. Here was a light truck that came out immediately after the end of World War Two and had a basic design similar to the 1941 and 1942 models yet at the same time was given some new modifications. Pickup trucks are currently popular with collectors and examples in excellent condition are a great addition to any collection.


classic ford trucks

Current 1946 Ford trucks you may come across for sale come in a variety of conditions and originality and asking prices also fluctuate widely. Current asking prices for very good to excellent examples are generally in the $35,000 range. Some higher and some lower.