1955 Pontiac Star Chief Hardtop / Photos, Specs, Styling Details

Featured here is a great looking 1955 Pontiac Star Chief Two Door Hardtop. This true Pontiac classic represented the start of the Star Chief’s second generation. The Star Chief was available in the Deluxe trim and the higher up Custom Trim. The top trim level was the hardtop Custom Catalina.

1955 pontiac star chief
1955 Pontiac Star Chief Custom Catalina Hardtop










The Catalina first appeared in 1950 and up until 1959 was a Pontiac hardtop trim level. The Catalina became it’s own distinct model in 1959 as Pontiac’s entry level offering. Later, the Catalina platform would be used for the Grand Prix model.

The Pontiac Star Chief Debuts in 1954

The Pontiac Star Chief was the Pontiac Division of General Motor’s top of the line automobile between the years 1954 and 1957. The Star Chief line was produced until 1966.

Prior to the new Pontiac Star Chief unveiled in 1954, the Pontiac models had the same wheelbase length of GM built Chevrolets. When the Star Chief model came out the wheelbase was changed to a longer 123.5 inches. The first Star Chief was produced only with a straight eight engine. Six cylinder engines were not available on the model for 1954. Starting in 1955 the straight eight engine would also be gone.

The 1955 Pontiac Star Chief

The new Star Chief in 1954 came with only a straight eight engine. The sixes were not available on this model during 1954. One year later in 1955, start of the second generation, the straight eight was replaced with the V-8. The second generation Star Chief featured a new updated body and chassis and was available with two V-8 engines configurations to choose from.

The 1955 Pontiac Star Chief  with its entirely new A-Body styling also had an eleven inch rear frame extension. All models featured tapered slanting vertical slash moldings, which were also used on the two door Star Chief Custom Safari. Star Chiefs, including the Safari, also had three stylized star emblems on front fenders and doors. The Star Chief is also very recognizable with its two large silver stripes along the entire length of the hood.

Major options for 1955 included air conditioning, power brakes, power windows, power steering, window washers and an electric antenna.

55 pontiac star chief









1955 Pontiac Star Chief Specifications

As mentioned, the 1955 Pontiac Star Chief was offered with two V-8 engine configurations available. These included a 287 cubic inch V-8 with configurations for 173 and 180 HP. This was Pontiac’s Strato-Streak V-8 which was Pontiac’s first OHV V-8. Pontiac Star Chief’s V-8 engine would increase in size each model year through 1959.

For 1956 and 1957, the next two years of the Star Chief’s second generation, engines offered were 316 (1956) and 347 (1957) cubic inch V-8’s.

Standard on all models was a three speed manual gear box. Optional was a four speed Hydra-Matic automatic. Offered later in the production run was a four speed Hydra-Matic automatic.

Brakes are four wheel drums with optional power.

The 1955 Star Chief has a 124 inch wheelbase, overall length of 213.7 inches, width 75.4 inches, height 60.5 inches. Curb weight 3,850 lbs.

Pontiac had a very good year in 1955. Total Pontiac full car production came in at 554,100 vehicles. This represented almost double 1954 production. 1955 Pontiac Star Chief Two Door Hardtop production totaled 99,900 vehicles.

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The 1955 Pontiac Star Chief Collector Automobile

The 1955 Pontiac Star Chief was entirely new from the ground up. This was the second production year for the Star Chief and also the beginning of it’s second generation. The 1955 Star Chief’s are significant because this was the first year of the Strato-Streak Pontiac V-8’s in this model, replacing the straight eights of 1954. The twelve volt electrical system also debuted in 1955.

Current auction and sale prices for the 1955 Pontiac Star Chief cover a wide range based on model chosen and condition. Current range of auction sale prices for the 55 Star Chief can be found from $65,000 into the six figures for perfect showroom condition models. Excellent condition models from about $35,000 to $60,000. fair condition examples $20,000 to $35,000. Highest selling models in general are convertibles and lowest in general are four door sedans.

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