1948 Dodge B Series Pickup


This 1948 Dodge Series B Pick-Up Truck was priced at about $1,260 when introduced. Many new advances were designed into the model. The series B trucks from Dodge sold from 1948 through 1953. These Dodge series B pick-up trucks represented the new designs that appeared after World War Two. As with most automakers, it took a few years after the war ended to put together the designs that would differentiate vehicles from those built prior to the war.

1948 Dodge B Series Pickup
1948 Dodge B Series Pickup

The 1948 Series B models replaced the pre-war Dodge trucks and therefore represented a milestone for the company. In fact, many recognize the Dodge series B trucks as being the most advanced for it’s era.

It should be noted that Dodge introduced their Series B trucks at about the same time that Chevrolet and Ford were doing likewise.

Dodge Series B Pick-Up Advanced Designing

The 1948 Dodge series B Pick-Up like the one shown here featured many changes from it’s predecessor.

One big change was that the engine was moved forward and the front axle moved back which simply meant better weight distribution and it also shortened the vehicle’s wheelbase.

Dodge B Series Pilot House cab
Dodge B Series Pilot House cab

The cab was built with what they say was the “pilot house” design which gave the driver much better visibility. The cab was also often referred to as the Pilot House Safety Cab. Regarding visibility, Dodge offered optional rear cab quarter windows that took away the blind spots.

Interestingly enough, today there are classic car and truck clubs that involve themselves with the “pilot house” Dodge Series B and Fargo trucks exclusively. One good website on this is www.dodgepilothouseclub.org.

Another new innovation with the truck cab was that it was carried on rubber mounts which provided a smoother ride. Also, the new Series B Dodge Pickups came with a nine foot long cargo box and cubic capacity was greatly increased compared to the pre-war models. The new Series B also came with cab wide front fenders.

1948 Dodge Truck grille and enlarged front bumper
1948 Dodge Truck grille and enlarged front bumper

The “cross-steering” arrangement introduced with Dodge Series B Trucks was innovative. The cross steering allowed for a 37 degree turn either right or left. What was designed allowed the drag link to be just about parallel with the front axle meaning, for example, that the drag link didn’t interfere with the front left tire when making a left turn. This was a major engineering element that did help allow the Dodge Series B Pickups stand out from the competition.

There were 229,000 Dodge Series B-1 half and one ton pickups manufactured in the years 1948 and 1949. Beginning for the 1954 model year, Dodge would come out with their C Series trucks. While the C Series Dodge Trucks had several new changes, it did not have the Pilot House cab. The 1953 model year was the last for the Pilot House.

1948 Dodge Series B Pick-Up Specs

The Series B Dodge pickups came with a cab 58.25 inches long, 76.40 inches wide and 54.25 inches high. Length, width and height were all increased over the previous models and was designed to seat three people.

The B Series pickup came with a 218-cubic-inch Six Cylinder L-head engine which, as mentioned above, was moved forward for better overall weight distribution. The vehicle’s transmission was a standard three speed manual with the buyer having the option forĀ  a four speed manual.

Dodge B Series Pickup
Dodge B Series Pickup

The Dodge B Series Pickups had a 108.0 inch wheelbase which was eight inches shorter than the previous models. The shorter wheelbase had the effect of allowing tighter turns with a turning diameter of 38 feet. The B Series Pickups had an overall weight of 4,850 lbs.

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Collectors Truck

The prices for restored Dodge B Series Pickups of course vary widely depending on condition and extent of restoration. As of this writing, the price range goes all the way from around $7,500 to perhaps to the high twenty thousands.

(Photos from author’s own collection)