The Luxurious 1959 Mercedes-Benz 220S Sedan

The type of Mercedes-Benz 220S Sedan featured in this article were produced only from 1956 to 1959. The car shown is a 1959 Mercedes 220S Sedan built on the W 180 II chassis. The 220S models are also referred to as Mercedes-Benz Ponton’s.

1959 mercedes 220S
1959 Mercedes-Benz 220S Sedan

The Mercedes-Benz 220S Ponton Sedan

The 220S model is distinguished from the 220A which was produced from 1954 to 1956 on the exterior by the chrome trim. The chrome strip running along the fender and door is seen on the 220S Ponton models. Mercedes-Benz also offered a 220 model coupe and cabriolet which sold far less than the sedan.

The word Ponton is derived from the German language word pontoon. The term was used exclusively by Mercedes-Benz from 1953 through 1962 and is thought of as being Mercedes’ first true post war series.

The Mercedes 220S had unitized body and frame construction and front and rear independent suspension. Two advantages of unitized construction is that generally more weight can be handled and the body/frame itself weighs less and can offer better fuel efficiency. Prewar Mercedes did not use unitized construction.

1959 mercedes grille
59 Mercedes-Benz grille and front end

The interior of Mercedes-Benz vehicles have always been expertly appointed. You’ll notice the carved wood on the dashboard of the 1959 220S model featured in this article. Hand carved wood and soft leather were big selling points.

During the entire production cycle from 1956 through 1959 there were about 55,000 sedans produced as opposed to 1,250 coupes and 2,175 cabriolets.

Advertising the Mercedes 220S

Mercedes-Benz called their 220S models a vehicle for discriminating buyers. The company claimed that for anyone who would drive one it is an automobile of extraordinary performance. The car was said to offer relaxation and security on every trip. Another slogan used was “Quality and what is behind it”.

If you run across advertisements for the 1959 Mercedes models you’ll notice that the Tristar emblem is in the foremost position of each ad. In general Mercedes-Benz promoted their automobiles as comfortable, practical, reliable and affordable.

mercedes 220s dashboard
Mercedes-Benz 220S dashboard

1959 Merceds-Benz 220S Specifications

1959 Mercedes-Benz 220S came with an inline six cylinder engine.

Transmission was a four speed manual with a column shifter. Mercedes also offered the Hydrak automatic clutch. This optional device actually served as a bridge between a manual transmission and an automatic. The driver would engage this Hydrak clutch by using push buttons in the column shift lever. This eliminated the foot clutch pedal.

The 1959 Mercedes 220S had a relatively short wheelbase at 111.0 inches. Overall outside length was 187.0 inches, a width of 69.0 inches,a height of 61.0 inches and a dry weight of 3,000 lbs.

Front suspension included coil springs, double wishbones and a stabilizing bar. Rear suspension was comprised of coil springs and a swing axle.

Brakes were power four wheel drum.

New car price in 1959 was about $4,500 to $5,000.

1959 mercedes 220s sedan
1959 Mercedes 220S rear

Personalized Ownership Certificate

The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center offers owners the opportunity to purchase a Personalized Ownership Certificate¬† confirming the identity of the vehicle and identifies one’s vehicle’s features when it rolled off the assembly line. Thus Individually issued certificate by the Daimler Corporation Archives in a professionally bound black case. For more information about this and the costs see website…icateorder.pdf

There is a Mercedes-Benz Classic Center located in Irvine California. Per their website…The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine, California, is the ideal place for owners, collectors, and enthusiasts to connect with this legendary brand. In addition to meticulously restoring and selling classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the Classic Center offers appraisals, provides Genuine Mercedes-Benz Classic Parts

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mercedes 220s sedan
220S rear fender / tail light
Mercedes-Benz 220S Collector Cars

All postwar 1950’s Mercedes-Benz automobiles are collector cars. From the 220S models the Cabriolet is the most valuable. As mentioned above, there were only a little over 2,000 of these produced during the production cycle so they are rare. You may find 220S Cabriolets with asking prices of anything from $60,000 into the six figures.

For the 1959 Mercedes-Benz Sedans, non restored very good conditioned models may be found in the mid teens into the $20,000 range. Restored sedans may be in the $40,000 to $100,000 range all depending on condition and how much of the vehicle is original equipment.