Featured is a 1972 Ford Gran Torino, a solid Ford classic post federal emission and safety regulations. The Gran Torino, the top of the line Torino, has a loyal following among classic car enthusiasts. For 1972, the Ford Gran Torino received a complete redesign. The 72 Torino’s featured a much bigger automobile than in past models with greater safety and more metal than ever before and the car garnered great reviews.

72 gran torino specs
1972 Ford Gran Torino
The 1972 Ford Gran Torino was built just after the new federal emission and safety standards were enacted but nevertheless did achieve a good degree of fame thanks to Hollywood. Two motion pictures featured the 1972 model Clint Eastwood’s 2008 film “Gran Torino” and the film “Fast and Furious”.
The First Torinos

At first, called the Fairlane Torino, Ford’s new medium sized line was introduced in 1968, with a GT convertible serving as the Indy Pace Car. These cars however never carried the Fairlane name and they were soon known as Torinos. In fact, the Ford Torino was designed to replace the Fairlane.

The Torino line continued into the 1970 model year replacing the Ford Fairlane with small six-cylinder and V-8 engines. These 1970 and 1971 models arrived with a complete new body style with entirely new looks.

Torino’s Fine Record on the NASCAR Circuit

It’s important to note that during the latter part of the 1960’s, both Ford Motor Company and Chrysler put a lot of effort into stock car racing and the types of V-8 engines mentioned above are excellent examples.Understand that back in those days of the late 1960’s, stock cars were really “stock cars“. The year 1969 also saw Richard Petty switching from years with Plymouth stock car racing to Ford. In Petty’s first 1969 race driving for Ford, he edged out A.J Foyt by 25 seconds in the Riverside California competition.

gran torino photosFord Gran Torino Power Ratings

Regarding power ratings for the 1972 Ford Torino’s, Ford Motor Company and all it’s competitors were forced to produce lower compression engines for it’s 1972 models due to the federal mandate that all 1972 gasoline powered cars run on unleaded gas.
For the 1972 model year, if you were searching for a hot engine, look no further than the four barrel high-output 248 HP 351 Cleveland V8. These 1972 horsepower ratings were net ratings. Prior to 1972 the horsepower ratings were gross. That is without accessories attached and on a test stand. That same 248 HP in 1972 would have been more like 300 in 1971 and before. (which would have been around 300 horsepower in 1971 and before.

1972 Ford Gran Torino Specifications

There were four engines available with the 1972 Gran Torino. These were a 250 cubic inch inline six, a 302 Windsor V-8, a 351 Windsor V-8 and a 351 cubic inch Cleveland V-8 called the “Cobra Jet”. 

The six put out 98 HP with the eights ranging from 140-161 net HP.

Transmissions for the 72 Gran Torino included a three speed manual, four speed manual, and a three speed automatic.

Wheelbase was 114.0 inches, width 79.3 inches, height 52.0 inches, and overall length was 207.3 inches.

1972 Ford Torino production came in at 536,975 vehicles. Out of that number total Gran Torino passenger cars built were 326,600. Just under 81,000 Gran Torino wagons were produced.

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1972 Ford Gran Torino Collector Cars

ford gran torino specificationsThe 1972 Gran Torino is a collector car today well noted for it’s most powerful engine, the Cleveland V-8 putting out 248 HP. A 300 HP engine with pre 1972 rating measurements. The engine was designated as a Cobra Jet.

With this new four barrel Cleveland V-8 and the redesign for the 72 model year, this automobile has some things to brag about. By the same token, the Gran Torino does have it’s detractors. You’ll hear comments that the car is too big, the new body on frame design is inferior, etc. With that being said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The 1972 Ford Gran Torino is a lower priced classic car and a good one to start your collection with. Current asking price  for the car depending on mileage, overall condition, originality, etc ranges from about $12,000 to $28,000.

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