1970 Ford Torino GT / Photos, Specs, Styling Details

Featured is a great looking 1970 Ford Torino GT.

The Torino GT was the sporty, performance version of the Torino. The model was offered in the fastback and convertible body styles. Ford Torinos were built from 1968-1976. The automobile received a new ‘coke bottle‘ shape for 1970 and in general a lot more aerodynamic looking.

1970 torino gt convertible
1970 Ford Torino GT

The 1968-1971 Torino was itself a spinoff from the Fairlane, built because Ford wanted to keep the customers who wanted a muscle car but had outgrown the Mustang. At first, the model was called the Fairlane Torino. Esentially, in 1968, the Torino was an upscale version of the Fairlane.

Ford’s new medium sized line was introduced in 1968, with a GT convertible serving as the Indy Pace Car. These cars however never carried the Fairlane name. By the 1970 model year the Torino had become the primary name for Ford’s intermediate. At that point the Fairlane had become a subseries of the Torino and ended production after 1970. The Torino would then prevail through the 1976 model year.

There are three generations of the Ford Torino during it’s entire production run. These were the: 1st Generation 1968-69, 2nd Generation 1970-71, and 3rd Generation 1972-76.

As a side note, the Torino fastback was a big winner at NASCAR. Driver David Pearson took the title in 1968. In 1969 the Ford Torino Talladega was very successful with David Pearson winning at Daytona.

70 torino gt

1970 Ford Torino Redesign

As mentioned above, Torino styling was all new for the 1970 model year. At first glance you would notice that the Torino was larger. Also as mentioned, The Torino sported a new ‘coke bottle‘ shape for 1970

Available as a two-door SportsRoof hardtop or convertible, all Torino GT’s that had base trim were equipped with a two barrel 302 cubic inch V-8 engine matched to a three speed manual transmission. The Torino fastback model was a big hit with NASCAR. Driver David Pearson took the 1968 title.

Standard GT  interiors had all vinyl bench seats which was an upgrade over the base Torino models. The steering wheel had only two spokes. Speedometer was a, horizontal “swing-arm” with the fuel and temperature gauges below it. A nice touch was the  “Torino GT” emblem inset on the far right of the dash.

Regarding exterior changes, aside from being a larger vehicle the 1970 models sported  a centrally positioned GT grille emblem. Also a hood with a non functioning hood scoop, simulated louvers and GT emblems near the leading edge of each quarter panel. Add to that rocker panel molding and stainless steel hubcaps.

The Torino GT offered plenty of options. These would include power steering, disc brakes,air conditioning, bucket seats and center console. If those were not enough you could order up hidden headlamps and a pair of Laser Stripes.

1970 Ford Torino GT Specifications

The 1970 Ford Torino GT buyer had a good choice of engines to choose from.

As mentioned the base engine was the 302 cubic inch V-8. Engine options for the GT model included the two barrel versions of the 351 Cleveland and Windsor V-8s. With the 351 Cleveland there was an option for a four barrel carburetor.

70 ford torino gt convertible

For a much higher performance option there were more engines available. The 429 “Thunderjet” big block V-8, the 429 Cobra Jet and the 429 Super Cobra Jet.

Transmissions included two types of three speed manuals, standard and heavy-duty. Also available was the Toploader four speed manual.

When it came to automatics, Ford offered three versions of the Cruise-O-Matic.

Brakes were four wheel hydraulic drums with an option for disc brakes.

Dimensions included a 117.0 inch wheelbase (1 inch longer than 1969 models), 206.1 inch overall length, 76.8 inch width. Curb weight depending on options about 3,900 lbs.

Total 1970 Ford Torino production including all trim levels was 230,400. Of that number, 60,750 were Torino GT models. GT Convertibles accounted for 3,939 and the SportsRoof Hardtops 56,819.

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The 1970 Ford Torino GT Collector Car

1970 torino gt specifications

The Torino GT was and is an amazing muscle car. For one thing the Torino was a winner on the NASCAR circuit and quarter-mile strips.

Ford was competing against several other performance cars such as the Chevelle, Charger and GTO. Because of that Ford offered plenty of high performance engines to go along with their newly styled 1970 Torino GT. This kind of power in a super sleek body backed by NASCAR success makes the Torino GT a popular collector automobile.

Current 1970 Ford Torino GT’s are priced depending on condition, mileage, restoration and age of restoration along with specific engines and originality. The 1970 Torino GT Convertibles considered in good condition should be found in a range from about $25,000 to $38,000. Those in excellent condition might be found in the area of $40,000 to $55,000 and those models in showroom or perfect condition could be priced at $60,000 up to the six figures.

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