Featured is a 1965 Ford Falcon. Many look at the Ford Falcon as being the precursor to the immensely popular Ford Mustang. When the Ford Mustang came out with the 1964 1/2 model it was built on a Falcon chassis. Ironically, it was the popular Mustang that pretty much caused the Falcon to disappear in 1970.

1965 ford falcon specifications
1965 Ford Falcon

Ford’s New Economy Car

When the Ford Falcon was introduced for the 1960 model year it was to be competition to the smaller European imports. It was touted as “The New Size Ford” and advertised for its fuel economy and it’s new car price.

The market for smaller more economical automobiles was realized by all of the big three automakers, but the Ford Motor Company was the first of the three to bring to the market a car designed specifically to fill the new requirements for a smaller. lighter. and more fuel-efficient automobile.

Ford Motor Company put out material which claimed that the new Falcon could under certain conditions achieve more than 30 mpg. With this type of fuel economy there is no doubt that the Ford Falcon was not meant to be a high performance car. That first engine was a 144 cubic inch inline six,

65 ford falcon photosFrom Economy Car to Higher Performance to Muscle Car

The first Falcon was a low-priced economy compact car that highlighted terrific fuel efficiency. This came on the heels of those large gas hungry automobiles of the 1960’s.

After a great introduction for the fuel efficient Falcon, for 1962, the midyear saw the arrival of a four speed option and new Falcon Sports Futura. Things were happening relatively fast for the Falcon line where in 1963 Ford came out with the first Falcon convertible.

Shortly after, during the middle of the 1963 model year, there were additional Falcon’s unveiled. These included  the new semi-fastback two-door hardtop, the first Falcon V-8, and the sporty Falcon Sprint package.This was quite significant since the Ford Falcon   was the first compact to offer an eight cylinder engine with 260 cubic inches and 164 HP.

The Ford Falcon received it’s first redesign with the 1964 model which also carried into the 1965 models. The automobile was more chiseled and square edged as well as appearing larger than the first generations cars. ,Ford had a name for these second generation Falcon’s calling them the  “Total Performance” compacts.

The Total Performance idea was to integrate handling, acceleration, efficiency and styling. Ford Motor Company also increased the falcon models available which included two sedans, two wagons, sedan delivery vehicles, Rancheros, convertibles, hardtops, and transport vans. Speaking of higher performance, in 1964 a 200 cubic inch six cylinder came out along with a 289 V-8 for 1965.

1965 Ford falcon Specifications

The 1965 Ford Falcon offered the buyer the choice of a 200 cubic inch straight six or a 289 cubic inch V-8. Horsepower on the six was 120 and on the V-8 271.

Transmission options included a three and four speed manual and a two and three speed automatic.

Brakes were four wheel hydraulic drums.

Dimensions include a 109.5 inch wheelbase, overall length 181.6 inches, width 71.6 inches, height 54.5 inches.

Total production for the first generation of Falcon was over 1.5 million vehicles. Total Ford Falcon production for the 1965 model year was 186,000 vehicles.

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The 1965 Ford Falcon Collector Car

ford falcon specificationsThe Ford Motor Company built the Falcon model from 1960-1970 and out of those years many believe the 1963 through 1965 models are the most popular with collectors.

The Ford Falcon is a good classic car to start a collection. Ford Falcon for 1965 can be found in very good condition below $20,000. The current values are higher with the V-8 Falcon Futura and Sprint models typically found in the mid $20,000 to the upper $30,000 range.

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