1964 Two Tone Ford Falcon Sprint Convertible / All Model Details

Featured is a very good looking Two Tone 1964 Ford Falcon Convertible. This model was part of Falcon’s second generation offerings.The Ford Falcon was introduced on September 2, 1959. The Ford Falcon would officially go on sale on October 8 for the 1960 model year and it became an instant success with dealers.

64 falcon sprint specifications
1964 Ford Falcon Sprint Convertible

America’s Compact Cars

When the 1950’s were winding down, American automakers had realized that small imports were starting to hurt their share of the American market. Prior to that time the Big Three essentially owned the American market. When the decade of the 60s began all of America’s ‘Big Three’ had created new models in the compact class. This was the beginning of the Ford Falcon.

The Ford Falcon Sprint Convertible

The Ford slogan during Ford’s heyday with cool cars like the Falcon was “Drive a Ford! It’s a BETTER idea!”

The Ford Falcon Sprint was actually born in 1963.5 when Ford put a V-8 engine into it’s first Falcon. This was the only time a V8 option was available in a first-generation Falcon.  In 1964, the new higher powered Falcon was the Sprint. With the V-8 and the Falcon Sprints light weight, essentially you had a compact muscle car. Something Ford would enjoy great success with with it’s upcoming Mustang models. Some call these Falcon Sprints as the pre pony cars.

64 falcon sprint photosThe rarer Falcon Sprint model that debuted in 1964 was the Sprint Convertible. Only 4,278 models were built out of a total Falcon Sprint production of 18,108. These Falcon Sprints carried only V-8 engines.fed by a two-barrel Holley carburetor.

The Sprint package included bucket seats and a center console as standard  Also included were special door panels, a sport steering wheel and a tachometer. Comfort and safety options included power steering, a radio, tinted glass, a padded dash and seat belts.

1964 Falcon Sprint Styling

The 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint was restyled. A more aggressive pony car style was used on the 1964 Falcon models. The car had a sharply sculptured look with dramatic, racy lines. The new look exemplified Ford’s “Total Performance“. Total Performance was an image campaign promoted by the Ford Motor Company during the decade of the 60s.

1964 Ford Falcon Sprint Specifications

The only engine available for the Ford Falcon Sprint Convertible was a 260 Cubic Inch V-8 delivering 164 HP. The engine had a two-barrel Holley carburetor. The 260 V-8 was an engine originally in the Fairlane models. In addition to this there were several engines available with the 1964 Falcon non Sprint Convertible models. Six cylinder engines came in 144 cubic inch displacement, 170 cubic inch and 200 cubic inch.

For 1964 there were three different transmissions available.The standard transmission was a fully synchronized three-speed manual. Also available was a four speed manual. As an option, buyers could choose a two-speed Ford-O-Matic automatic.

Brakes were four wheel hydraulic drums.

1964 falcon sprint convertibleDimensions included a wheelbase of 109.5 inches, an overall outside length of 181.6 inches, width 71.6 inches, convertible height 53.8 inches.

1964 Ford Falcon production totaled 300,770 vehicles. New car price for the Sprint Convertible was about $2,750. The Sprint Hardtop was priced at about $2,450.

For 1964 Ford offered Falcon buyers a choice of twelve different single tone colors and twelve two tone combinations.

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1964 Ford Falcon Sprint Collector Car

The Ford Falcon Sprint is a popular collector car and in particular the Sprint Convertible.
1964 ford falco sprint convertible specs
The 1964 model had a stronger pony car appearance and was the car that led the way to Ford’s highly successful Mustang. The 64 Sprint also came with Falcon’s first V-8. The 260 cubic inch V-8 along with the vehicles light weight gave it plenty of pep.
Current asking and auction activity for the 1964 Falcon Sprint Convertible puts the price range at about $18,000 to $30,000.
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