1964 Corvette C2 Convertible / Photos, Specs, Styling Details

The 1964 Corvette Convertible is a beautifully designed automobile. The first Chevy Corvettes, three hundred units, were built by hand in Flint, Michigan. After one year production was moved to St. Louid, Missouri. In 1981 production was moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky.

1964 corvette
1964 Corvette C2 Convrtible

Corvette Restyling

The 1963 Chevy Corvette marked the start of the second generation of the American sports car’s history. The second generation ran from 1963 through the 1967 model year. The 1964 Corvette had virtually the same styling as the newly restyled 1963 model.

The new C2  in 1963 was designed by Larry Shinoda and Pete Brock under the direction of General Motors head stylist Bill Mitchell. Mitchell had succeeded GM’s legendary designer Harley Earl who is considered the Father of the Corvette. It is said that Earl drew his inspiration for the Corvette from post war Jaguar’s and MG’s.

The Chevy Corvette went through a major restyling in 1963. This was Corvette’s first restyle since it’s inception ten years earlier. The designers produced a totally different look. They used crisp lines to accent everything from the big fenders, to the rear deck. This restyle also brought out the first Corvette Coupe. One new feature in this fiberglass car were the electrically operated pop-up headlights. The designers also produced the first Corvette Split Window Coupe in 1963. The Corvette Stingray that emerged in 1963 was connected to and inspired by Bill Mitchell’s 1959 Stingray race car.

1964 corvette c2

The split window model looked terrific, different and very stylish but was a one year only design mostly due to driver visibility problems with the rear window. Some owners would change the back window themselves and Chevy dealers would also perform the change to a single pane rear window.

1964 Corvette Options

In addition to various engine options, the 1964 Chevy Corvette buyer could choose to add heavy-duty front and rear springs and shock absorbers. Also a four speed manual transmission with the 375 HP engine. Power brakes and off road exhaust system, front brake air scoops, cast aluminum wheels, power windows, leather seats,  and more.

1964 Chevy C2 Corvette Specifications

There were engine improvements for the 64 Corvette. Engine options in 1964 included the 327 cubic inch with a fuel injector that delivered 375 horsepower as mentioned above plus a 327 cubic inch with 300 horsepower and a 327 with 365 and 375 horsepower.

Performance rated at 0 to 60 in 7.5 seconds.

64 corvette

Transmissions available were a three speed manual, four speed manual and a three speed automatic.

Brakes are four wheel hydraulic drums.

Front suspension is independent with A-Arms and coil springs. Rear is lateral struts and transverse leaf springs.

1964 Corvette dimensions include a 98.0 inch wheelbase, 175.3 inch overall length, 49.8 inch height with the convertible soft top up, 69.6 inch width. Curb weight 3,110 lbs.

Total 1964 Chevrolet Corvette production was 22,229 vehicles. Out of this figure 13,925 were convertible models and 8,304 were coupes.

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1964 c2 corvette

The 1964 Corvette Collector Car

Chevrolet Corvettes are iconic American sports cars and have been popular with collectors for a very long time. The second generation Corvettes are among the top models for a variety of reasons. New modern styling starting with the 63 model is one big reason. Another was the introduction of the Split Window Vette while only lasting for one year became popular with collectors.

1964 Corvette Convertibles in restored condition, as of this writing, are found generally in the $70,000 to $100,000 range. We have also seen 1964 fuel injected restorations approaching asking prices from $100,000 to $300,000. Asking prices and auction results will be influenced by the degree of restoration, body on or off, originality, and specific engine.

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