Featured is a great looking 1964 Rambler American Custom Convertible.

The Rambler American

64 rambler american specs
1964 Rambler American Convertible

What began as a 1955 Nash Rambler turned into a Rambler American through a slight modification of the rear wheel arches, simplification of the hood, and the addition of a dash of chrome and a thrifty six-cylinder engine.

The 1964 Rambler American Styling

The 1964 model year saw the Rambler American begin it’s third generation.The three generations for the Rambler American were 1958 to 1960, 1961 to 1963, and 1964 to 1969. For its third generation and the automobile had a completely new design. The model appeared less boxy with simple trim lines, tunneled headlights and a simple horizontal grille.

The 1964 Rambler American was available in 220, 330, and 440 trim levels. The 1964 convertible was the only model in the series offered in the top of the line 440 trim. .

The new Rambler American design was led by Richard A.Teague who would  later go on to design the 1968 Javelin and AMX models.

1964 rambler american specificationsThe Long History of the Rambler Model

The Rambler automobile brand was used by a succession of automakers beginning in 1900 with the Thomas B. Jeffery Company of Kenosha, Wisconsin. The Rambler was most often the lowest priced American automobile. The Thomas B. Jeffery Company lasted with the Rambler until 1914 shortly before the company was taken over by Nash Motors. Nash used the Rambler brand from 1950 to 1954. Nash was acquired by American Motors in 1954 and the Rambler brand was continued by them from 1954 to 1969.The Rambler was most often the lowest priced American automobile.

American Motors Corporation / It’s Beginning and It’s End

Regarding AMC, the company itself came from the misfortunes of Hudson and Nash. It was very difficult during the 1950’s to make it independently.. American Motors Corporation was the last,attempt at survival for an American independent automobile company.

American Motors itself would have to fight to survive against Detroit’s Big Three. While some referred to AMC as part of Detroit’s Big 3 1/2, the company was essentially an independent compared to the massive production capability and the war chests.of the Big Three. At one time in the late 1970;s AMC formed a partnership with Renault. That didn’t work out as hoped and in 1987 the Chrysler Corporation bought American Motors primarily for its popular Jeep line. When that occurred AMC ceased to exist.

An opinion held by some was that the cause of the demise of American Motors Corporation was that they continued to go straight up against the Big Three. While George Romney was CEO of AMC he wanted to avoid yearly restyling and the high cost of retooling by emphasizing reliability and quality without continuous annual restyling. Upon his departure that philosophy was ignored and this may have hastened the end of AMC.

1964 Rambler American Specifications

The 1964 Rambler American offered buyers a 196 cubic inch inline six. There were three versions of the engine delivering 90 HP, 125 HP and 138 HP.

This particular custom model has a computerized fuel injected 5.0 liter V-8 Ford Mustang engine with a five speed manual transmission.

Transmissions offered with the Rambler American included a three or four speed manual and a three speed automatic. The three speed was available with overdrive.

Brakes were four wheel hydraulic drums.

Dimensions included a 106.0 inch wheelbase, 177.25 inch overall outside length, 70.8 inch width and 54.5 inch height. Curb weight 2,650 lbs.

1964 Rambler American sales went up to a very impressive record high 160,000 + vehicles. Total AMC production for 1964 was 379,000 vehicles. Prices started at $1964.00, and climbed to $2346 for the convertible.

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The Rambler American Collector Car

64 rambler american convertibleThe 1964 Rambler American was a popular economical compact and the restyling for 1964 helped American Motors Corporation  compete with other compacts like the Chevy Nova, Chevy Corvair and Ford Falcon.

With a collector automobile such as the 1964 Rambler American, the exact engine model and overall condition, mileage, originality, degree of restoration will dictate value. The Rambler American Convertibles will generally attain higher prices. The range of Rambler American convertibles might be found in a range of from $30,000-$50,000. This particular model featured here was sold at auction for $49,500.

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