Featured here is a 1959 Rambler American Two Door Wagon produced by the American Motors Corporation. The rare two door Rambler Wagon is a true classic.

rambler american wagon
1959 Nash Rambler American Wagon

The Rambler compact came out in 1950 and was positioned as Nash’s lowest priced vehicle. At it’s inception in 1950 the Nash Rambler had a small 100 inch wheelbase.

Nash Motors Company

The story of Nash is a story about mergers. Smaller independent automakers did not possess the scale nor financial strength of the Big Three. As years passed, and particularly during the post World War Two years, the competition faced by automakers such as Nash heated up and the independents were being squeezed.

Nash Motors Company was originally located in Kenosha, Wisconsin from 1916 to 1937. The company was founded by Charles W. Nash who was a former GM president. Nash founded his company by taking over the Thomas B.Jeffery Company who had been producing a car in Kenosha called a Rambler ever since 1902.

nash station wagon specificationsFrom 1938 to 1954 Nash became part of the new Nash-Kelvinator Corporation. This was the first large merger of two companies from two different industries. One automobiles and one top end kitchen appliances.

In 1954 the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation merged with the Hudson Motor Car Company with the new company being called American Motors Corporation and located in Detroit, Michigan. AMC itself was taken over by the Chrysler Corporation in 1987.

The Rambler American Wagons

The Rambler American came out in 1958 offering just two models. These were the Deluxe and the higher trim level American Super. The Rambler American, which became available in late January 1958, was a simple car with only one engine offered, a 196 cubic inch L Head Six.

Added to the 1959 Rambler American series was a couple of two door station wagons in addition to the larger four door Rambler Six Rebel and Ambassador. These were the American and American Super.

An interesting side note is that American Motors considered making a station wagon model of the very small Nash Metropolitan but the idea was eventually scrapped. The wheelbase of the Metropolitan was just too short for the room they needed for four people. What was needed was at least a 100 inch wheelbase and that they found in the old Nash Rambler. One prototype model of the Met wagon was actually built and is on display in the Los Angeles area.

1959 Rambler American Wagon Specifications

The engine offered in 1959 was the 196 cubic inch L Head Six delivering 90 HP.

Transmissions available depending on the trim level were a three and four speed manual along with a three speed Flash-O-Matic automatic. These automatics were built by Borg-Warner and for the 1959 Rambler’s they shifted gears by button pushing. AMC used these Borg-Warner transmissions from 1957 through 1970.

1959 nash rambler wagonsBrakes were self adjusting four wheel hydraulic drums.

Dimensions include a 100 inch wheelbase, 178.3 inch overall outside length, 73 inch width, 57.8 inch height.

AMC production for 1959 totaled  91,490 cars. Station Wagons accounted for 32,640 of that number.

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 Rambler American Station Wagon Collector Vehicles

nash rambler two door station wagonThe decades of the 1950’s and 1960’s were great years for station wagon designs. These were the decades of some of the best styling in automobile history.

The Rambler American Two Door Wagon is a true classic car. The Rambler American began with the Nash Rambler in 1950 and had great success.

An excellently restored example of the 1959 Rambler American Two Door Wagon might be found in the $15,000 to $20,000 price range.

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