1948 Mercury Club Convertible / Photos, Specs, Styling Details, Production Numbers

This beautiful 1948 Mercury Eight Club Convertible represents the last model year of the older pre war design. It would be one year later in 1949 that the Ford Motor Company ushered in their new post war designs for their entire automobile line.

1948 mercury
1948 Mercury Eight Club Convertible

The Launch of the Mercury

The Mercury Eight which was the first Mercury model built was produced from 1939 to 1951. First years sales was excellent breaking all records for a first year new brand automobile. 1939 Mercury production totaled about 65,000 vehicles. The 1939 Mercury Eight had a 95 horsepower V-8 engine.

It was only about three years from Mercury’s debut in 1939 to the start of World War Two. During this short time the Mercury was largely looked at by buyers as an upscale Ford. More chrome, more options and some would say more comfortable. To separate Mercury from Ford, in 1945 Ford Motor Company established it’s Lincoln-Mercury Division.

With most automakers producing 1946 and 1947 automobiles using pre war designs, the difference between the 1942 Mercury and the 1946 Mercury was essentially a new grille. Moving forward from 1946 there were subtle styling changes each year until the new designs came out in 1949.

1948 mercury convertible

The 1948 Mercury Eight Convertible Styling

The 1948 Mercury Eight was a part of the second generation models which ran from 1941 through 1948. This run of course was interrupted from 1942 through most of 1945 due to World War Two.

The 1948 Mercury Eight was just about identical to that of the prior model year. As mentioned above, styling was changed slightly each year through 1948.

1948 Mercury Eight Specifications

The engine for the 1948 Mercury was a 239 cubic inch V-8 delivering 100 HP. As a side note, the shortened production run 1942 Mercury had the same 239 cubic inch V-8.

Gear is a three speed manual.

Brakes are four wheel hydraulic drums.

Automobile dimensions include a 118.0 inch wheelbase, 201,8 inch overall length, 73.3 inch width and 69.1 inch height. Weight 3,360 lbs.

New car price for the convertible averaged about $2,000.

Total 1948 Mercury production was 50,265 vehicles. Out of that number 7,585 were two door convertibles. Total Mercury production was down significantly from the 85,300 vehicles built in 1947. The same was with convertible models where 10,200 were produced in 1947. Much of this had to do with the anticipated new designs for 1949.

With all Ford Motor Company models to receive completely new post war styling for the 1949 model year. The announcement was made in May of 1948 and as a result the 1948 Mercury’s had only a seven month production run.

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Reference material for this article includes.. An excellent book for anyone interested in the history of Mercury automobiles is….55 Years of Mercury : The Complete History of the Big “M” by author John Gunnell..Mercury Automobiles : 1939-1959 Photo Archive by James Moloney..Complete Book of Collectible Cars by the Editors of Consumer Guide.

The 1948 Mercury Eight Convertible Collector Car

The 1948 Mercury Eight represented the very last year of the largely prewar design Mercury’s. It is a milestone automobile which to this day is a styling beauty. Restored models such as the one featured here exhibit terrific styling and an excellent representation of the Mercury heritage.

mercury eight

As mentioned earlier, the 48 Mercury’s are nearly identical to the 47 models with the exception of instrument panel face plates and removal of the steering column lock.

Current asking and auction selling prices for the 1948 Mercury Eight Convertible range from about $40,000 to $55,000 for an example in excellent condition with very high originality.

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