1939 Ford Deluxe V-8 / The Best Looking Ford

Some car collector’s maintain that the 1939 Ford Deluxe was among the best looking automobiles the company ever designed.

1939 ford convertible
1939 Ford Deluxe Convertible Coupe

These vintage Fords have been favored by auto enthusiasts for decades. The 1939 convertible coupe models are considered rare cars. A total of 10,422 of the models were built for 1939. This was during a year that Ford Motor had total production of 487,000 vehicles. The Ford Deluxe was built from 1937 through 1940.

One of the More Popular Collector Cars of the 1930’s

The beautiful 1939 Ford Deluxe V-8 featured in this article has a lot of pluses for the collector. The design is superb, the performance is excellent and the model has a strong following and good club support. The only negative for the person wishing to acquire one is that the price of a 1939 Ford Deluxe convertible in mint condition such as this one is on the high side. With an automobile like this. originality means a lot to value.

1939 ford deluxe coupe dashboard
39 Ford Coupe interior and dash

As of this writing you will occasionally find a museum condition 1939 Ford Coupe Convertible priced in the $60,000 plus range. The 1939 Ford Convertible shown here with it’s rumble seat make it a valuable milestone automobile. Modifications that take away from the car’s originality will generally lower values.

Another rare 1939 Ford is the Woody Wagon which has a high price tag when you’re fortunate enough to come across one. Don’t be surprised to find one, and you won’t find them too often, in the $60,000 plus range. Collectors also favor the Sedan Convertible model which is just as rare.

1939 ford styling
39 ford sleek modern styling

1939 Ford Design

Design credit for the 39 Fords go to legendary Ford designer Bob Gregorie along with styling touches by Edsel Ford. Originally a yacht designer, Gregorie became head of Ford’s design department in 1935 and then after retirement from Ford in 1946 returned to yacht designing. Gregorie had worked close with Edsel Ford until the latters untimely death in 1943.

The 39 Ford had a relatively long hood that included a low V shaped grille with vertical bars. Each bar has a different curve. Some maintained that the hood and grille looked somewhat like the bow of a boat. This design would last through the 1940 model year until longer and wider bodies came around in 1941.

1939 ford dashboard
1939 Ford vintage dash gauge with engine temperature indicator

The car’s headlights had tear drop glass covers in an aerodynamic style and were located to the front fender peaks. The entire vehicle had a sleek modern design which helped with it’s popularity among hot rodders. You’ll likely see some of the street rod conversions using a Chevy small block engine which fits in well. Y-Block Ford’s are also seen in these models.

The year 1939 was the last for the Ford Convertible Sedan as well as for the rumble seat. Ford’s rumble seats went all the way back to the Model A roadsters and coupes.

The interior of the automobile shown is flawless with it’s beautiful leather seats and well appointed dashboard. Take special notice of the engine temperature indicator dash gauge and the transmission floor shifter. The dash gauges have the appearance of a fine watch.

1939 Ford Deluxe V-8 Specifications

The 1939 Ford Deluxe V-8 models came with a 221 cubic inch flathead engine delivering 85 horsepower. The 221 flathead was the original V-8 produced by Ford. The block was cast as a single piece which added strength. This was the new V-8 brought out by Ford in 1936.

1939 ford coupe grille
39 Ford hood, grille and teardrop headlights

Transmission was a three speed manual sliding gear with a floor mounted shifter. The sliding gear transmission is no longer in use and all manual transmissions today are constant mesh types.

The 39 Ford Deluxe came with new four wheel Lockheed hydraulic brakes.

The 1939 Ford Deluxe had a 112.0 inch wheelbase and an outside overall length of 195.0 inches.

New car prices for the 1939 Deluxe Convertible were in the $900 range.

1939 Ford Serial Numbers

For those searching for the 1939 Ford serial number, from 1932 through 1948, Ford Motor Company stamped the serial number at three places. One is seen looking down into the engine compartment. You’ll only be able to view the two others when the body is removed from the frame. When you locate the Ford serial number on the frame in the engine compartment, the number format should look as follows…19 5258103

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A very good book for those wanting to learn more about Bob Gregorie and Edsel Ford and their design and styling collaboration is Edsel Ford and E.T. Gregorie : The Remarkable Design Team and Their Classic Fords of the 1930s and 1940s by author Henry L. Dominguez.

1939 ford deluxe convertible grille
1939 Ford Deluxe vertical grille bars and teardrop headlights

Today’s Prices for Restored 1939 Ford’s

The year 1939 is a solid one for collectors of Ford automobiles. All of the vehicles produced that year are highly collectible. Ford built six different bodystyles in 1939. These included the Coupe Convertible featured in this article, the Sedan Convertible, the Coupe, the Tudor Sedan, the Fordor Sedan and the Wagon.

The very rare 1939 Ford Woody Wagon in museum condition has been known to sell at auction for north of $200,000. Total Wagon production in 1939 was only 6,155 vehicles making this a very rare collectible. You may find like condition Deluxe Sedans in the $50,000 to $60,000 range with Deluxe Convertibles garnering somewhat more. In any event, all of the 1939 Ford models that are restored to pristine condition with high parts originality are considered high priced vintage collector cars.

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