The 1967 Dodge Charger Fastback / Photos, Specs, All Model Details

The rare 1967 Dodge Charger featured here with it’s signature fastback look is a part of the first generation which covered the 1966 and 1967 model years. The Charger was a mid size vehicle built on the B body. The B-body platform included many models from  sedans to high performance muscle cars.

For the 1967 model year, other Chrysler Corporation cars built on the B platform included the Dodge Coronet, Plymouth Belvedere, Plymouth GTX, and the Plymouth Satelite.

The Mopar A, B, and E-body platforms of the 1960’s and 1970’s include many legends of the muscle car era. The Mopar A, B, and E-body platforms of the 1960’s and 1970’s were utilized to produce many legends of the muscle car era.

67 dodge charger specifications
1967 Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger is Introduced

The Dodge Charger model first appeared in 1965 as a fastback version of the Dodge Coronet. The fastback design was Dodge’s answer to the fastback Plymouth Barracuda. The Coronet has a long history beginning in the 1940’s as an upscale nameplate.and was one of the longest names in the history of the brand. The Charger then came out as it’s own model in 1966. Dodge began producing the Charger model so as to offer an upscale pony car. Those first generation Dodge Chargers were considered street racers with their fastback design and full width tail lights plus some great power options.

The Charger first was a concept car in 1946 but there wasn’t much interest from the public therefore it was shelved for a few decades.

Some twenty years later the Charger came out as it’s own nameplate and was based on the Dodge Coronet which in 1965, as mentioned above, offered the Coronet Charger with it’s fastback design.

The Charger was meant to help attract a younger car buyer to the Dodge brand. The first of the Dodge Chargers caught the public’s attention when advertisements were aired on the January 6th 1966 Rose Bowl football game. The model was aimed at the sporty auto buyer who also wanted the option for plenty of power. The first generation sales were satisfactory, the Charger really took off beginning with the newly designed second generation models starting in 1968.

67 dodge charger production

Some of the unique features of the first generation Charger’s of course was the fastback design, hide away headlights, full width grille, fender mounted turn signals and full width six lamp tail lights.

For the 1968 model year the Charger received a completely new design on the B body platform. It was these second generation Chargers that really put the model on the map with significant sales increases. Dodge sold 96,000 Chargers for the 1968 model year.

The Dodge Charger and NASCAR

The fastback shape of the 66-67 Dodge Charger caused some problems on the race circuit. The body shape resulted in too much lift at the rear wheels above 180 MPH and  the drivers had difficulty controlling the car at Daytona. The remedy was a three inch rear spoiler attached to the lift gate to exert downside pressure. NASCAR approved this modification due to the fact that it became a dealer installed option. The Dodge Charger did go on to win the July 4th Firecracker 400 in 1967 with the rear spoiler attached.

first generation dodge chargers

1967 Dodge Charger Specifications

The two base engines for the 1967 Dodge Charger included a 318 cubic inch V-8 and a 383 cubic inch V-8. For buyers looking for much more power, for 1967 Dodge introduced as part of it’s R/T package the 440 Magnum V-8 with it’s 375 HP and a 426 Hemi V-8 with 425 HP. The Hemi was called the ‘elephant” engine because of it’s massive size including large cylinder heads.

Transmissions are a three and four speed manual as well as a three speed TorqueFlite automatic.

The 67 Charger came with hydraulic drum brakes with power brakes and front discs available.

Dimensions include a 117.0 inch wheelbase and an overall outside length of 203.6 inches. Width was 75.3 inches and height 53.0 inches. Curb weight was 3,475 lbs.

New car price for the 1967 Dodge Charger averaged about $3,150.

Total 1967 Dodge Charger production was 15,780 vehicles. What this did was to show that the demand for this unique fastback was largely satisfied in 1966 model year. The new 1968 design for the Dodge Charger helped sell because during that year Dodge sold 96,000 Chargers and had great appeal to younger car buyers. For 1969 Dodge sold about 90,000 Chargers with very little changes from the 68 models.

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67 charger fastback

The 1967 Dodge Charger Collector Car

Today the first generation and second generation Dodge Charger’s have large collector interest. The 1967 Charger can be called a milestone automobile as it was part of the first generation models with the sleek fastback styling. It also was the year where the 440 Magnum V-8 engine was offered. The 1967 Charger model also offered an optional vinyl roof for the first time.

With total 1967 Charger production of only 15,780 vehicles compared to the 35,700 built in 1966, the 67 models are rare and nicely restored original examples are even rarer.

Current auction and sales prices for the 1967 Dodge Charger in excellent condition are found in a range from about $39,000 to $70,000. Sales and auction prices typically reflect whether the vehicle has matching numbers, overall condition and mileage as well as age and degree of restoration.

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