Here is a beautiful 1956 Cadillac Series 62 Persian Green Convertible Coupe, a true classic Cadillac.Cadillac was proud to introduce their new model line for 1956. During this era Cadillac advertised their brand as the Standard of the World.

1956 cadillac convertible
1956 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Coupe

The Cadillac Series 62

The Cadillac Series 62, designed by Harley Earl’s team, is a series of cars which were produced by Cadillac from 1940 through 1964.The Cadillac Series 62 was produced in seven generations over these twenty four years. All of these years the Series 62 was a Cadillac mainstay. The model replaced the Series 61 as the entry-level model in the luxury brand’s offerings.

The offerings for the 1940 introduction year included a coupe, touring sedan, convertible coupe, and convertible sedan, all on a 129-inch wheelbase. 1940 was the second to last year for the convertible sedan body style. 1940 also marked the end of production for the V-16 which Cadillac introduced ten years earlier in 1930. Cadillac also stopped building the LaSalle in 1940.

1956 cadillac series 62New car prices for the 1940 Series 62 ranged from $1,690 to $2,190. The Series 62 was the number one seller for Cadillac.

1956 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Styling

The 1956 Cadillac Series 62 was part of the fourth generation models and was the Series with the most body styles offered.

The body was sleeker and lower with a new cellular grille insert. The car’s hood was flatter as were the fender contours. The front bumpers were inverted gull wing and the dagmar style bumper guards were tapered. The parking lights were re-positioned on the front bumper. The rear bumper had a totally new design with jet style dual round exhaust outlets. All Cadillac models had an Eldorado styled wraparound windshield.

Posture power adjustable seat was in available for 1956 on convertibles and DeVilles.

The Series 62 rear side fenders had narrow chrome molding and nine vertical louvers.

1956 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Specifications

The 1956 Cadillac Series 62 came with a 365 cubic inch V-8. Various engine configurations offered horsepower from 265 to 305. This engine increased from the 331 cubic inch V-8 in 1949. By 1959 the Cadillac V-8 grew to 390 cubic inches.

Transmission was a four speed Hydra-Matic automatic.

Brakes were powered four wheel hydraulic drums.

Front suspension was independent with rear suspension consisting of a live axle and semi-elliptic leaf springs.

56 cadillac convertibleDimensions included a 129.0 inch wheelbase, 223.3 inch overall length, and an 80.0 inch width.

Total 1956 Cadillac production was 155,500 vehicles. This was about 15,000 more units than in 1955. Cadillac This moved the Cadillac brand to ninth position from tenth the year before. Series 62 production was 134,500 vehicles..Out of that figure Series 62 Two Door Convertible Coupes totaled 8,300 vehicles. Convertible Coupe curb weight was 4,640 lbs.

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1956 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Collector Car

1956 cadillac picsClassic Cadillac automobiles from the 1950’s are popular among collectors. There are several reasons for this popularity not least of which beautiful styling. Another is that some of these models can be bought at reasonable prices. Cadillac also has the reputation as being America’s number one luxury brand.

The 1956 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Coupe in excellent restored condition is a very rare automobile. Asking prices for example in superior condition might be found in the $75,000 to $100,000 range. The 1956 Eldorado Biarritz convertible is the rarest of the rare. Only 2,150 were produced. The automobile car was one of the best, the fanciest and most expensive convertible sold by Cadillac. A numbers matching 1956 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz sold at auction at over $250,000.

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