1960 Pontiac Star Chief / Specs, Photos and More

The automobile featured in this article is a good looking 1960 Pontiac Star Chief. This Pontiac model was produced from 1954 to 1966. For 1967 the Star Chief name was replaced with the Pontiac Executive.

1960 Pontiac Star Chief

1960 Pontiac Star Chief

Pontiac made several model changes for 1959 which included dropping the entry level Chieftain model and essentially renaming it the Catalina. The Catalina was the lower priced Pontiac but compared to the Chevy Impala it was a step up. The Pontiac Star Chief which had been it's top of the line model was moved down to mid line level and was really powered similarly to the lower Catalina.

In the meantime, in 1958 the Pontiac Bonneville became the top Pontiac. At that time and for years afterward, Pontiac placed their attention on the top of the line Bonneville offering the car in many more body styles than with Star Chief.

The Pontiac Star Chief

Before the Pontiac Star Chief was introduced in 1954, Pontiac models had the same wheelbase length of Chevrolets. This changed with the Star Chief's longer 123.5 inches. The new Star Chief came with only a straight eight engine. The sixes were not available on this model during 1954. One year later in 1955 the straight eight was replaced with the V-8.

pontiac star chief sedan

1960 Pontiac Star Chief Sedan

The 1960 Pontiac Star Chief

The 1960 Pontiac Star Chief was part of the fourth generation of Star Chiefs (1959-60). The 1960 Star Chief received minor changes to the body from 59. The drivetrains were the same as in 1959. The instrument panel was changed.

The Star Chiefs actually began looking quite similar to the Catalinas. The Pontiac Star Chief models for 1960 included only hardtops,four door sedans, and two door sports sedans. A lack of a convertible model didn't help sales. Pontiac also brought out the well equipped Ventura model in 1960 but it lasted for only two model years. The Pontiac Ventura was a sportier alternative to the Catalina but ended up being replaced by the Grand Prix.

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References for this article included GM/Pontiac Archives, Complete Book of Collector Cars, Pontiac Star Chief Owners Manuals.

1960 Pontiac Star Chief Specifications

Pontiac's V-8 was introduced in 1955. The engine for the 1960 Pontiac Star Chief was a 389 cubic inch V-8. This V-8 was the main Pontiac engine through 1966 and was the GTO engine through 1966.

An interesting fact regarding Pontiac is that they produced their own V-8 engines which sets it apart from other GM brands. Those Pontiacs produced for the U.S. market had Pontiac engines. Those Pontiacs produced in Canada used Chevrolet engines.

Out of all the Pontiac Star Chiefs produced for the 1960 model year, almost all were with HydraMatic transmissions. pontiac star chief model historyOnly a few hundred had synchromesh gear boxes.

Front suspension was an independent ball joint with coil springs. Rear suspension included pivoted control arms.

Brakes were four wheel hydraulic drum.

Dimensions for the 1950 Pontiac Star Chief Sedan included a wheelbase of 124.0 inches...an overall length of 220.7 inches...a width of 80.0 inches and a height of 56.4 inches. Weight averages 3,995 lbs.

1960 Pontiac Star Chief production totaled 43,690 vehicles. Depending on the exact model, average new car price for the 1960 Star Chief was $2,900.

The 1960 Pontiac Star Chief Collector Car

As mentioned above, the Pontiac Star Chief by the late 1950's appeared somewhat similar to the bottom of the line Catalina. It's power also was close to the Catalina's. With that being said, the heyday for the Star Chief model was probably from 1955-57. By 1960 the Pontiac Star Chief were only seen as hardtops and two and four door sedans and that lasted until the model was discontinued.

pontiac star chief specificationsThe 1960 Pontiac Star Chief four door sedan is reasonably priced for someone wishing to start a collection. Values of course are dictated by originality, overall condition, restored or not and mileage.

The range for the 60 Star Chief is now generally $10,000 to $25,000. There are exceptions to these however depending on the model. As ,mentioned above, the 1960 Pontiac Star Chief was only produced in the hardtop, four door sedan, and two door sport sedan.

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Beautiful 1957 GMC 100 Half Ton / Specs and More

The vehicle featured in this article is a beautifully restored 1957 GMC 100 Half Ton Pick Up Truck.

1957 gmc series 100 specs

1957 GMC Series 100 Pick Up

GMC Trucks

GMC as a truck brand was created out of a merger of the Reliance Motor Car Company and the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company within General Motors. GMC as a brand was officially introduced in 1912 at the New York International Auto Show. 

In 1912, GM built about 20,000 trucks.  Prior to the time of unveiling the GMC brand, trucks from GM were produced by both the Reliance and the Rapid companies. By 1913 all GMC truck production was performed at the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company plant in Pontiac, Michigan. Three years later in 1916 General Motors officially created the GMC Truck Division.

GMC trucks were usually sold by GM dealerships that also offered Buick, Pontiac or Oldsmobile models. The Chevrolet truck was sold exclusively by Chevrolet dealers. While the GMC and Chevrolet trucks may at times look identical there are differences in the trucks, some significant over during the latter years.

task force gmc pick up trucksBy the second decade of the twentieth century the Chevrolet brand and the GMC brand trucks looked very similar in appearance.  During those early years Chevrolet was marketing their trucks to individuals while GMC was targeted to commercial buyers.

GMC did quite a lot of business with the military during World War Two. An interesting fact from this period is that the first HydraMatic transmission GMC vehicle was made for the military in 1944. Another fact is that GMC frames were built with heavier gauge steel than Chevy trucks.

The Task Force 1957 GMC 100 Half Ton

The 1957 GMC light duty trucks were second generation called  "Task Force" models. These replaced the "Advance Design" trucks beginning in 1955. GMC "Task Force" generation trucks offered 12 volt electrical and the first V-8.

Design changes for the 1957 model year helped give the GMC 100 a family car look while still being a tough worker of a pick up. The new 57's featured a wraparound windshield, two-tone trim and clean lines that included a flatter hood than on previous year's models. GMC 100 models were available in step-side or smooth-sided models. The "step-side has a rear fender well bulge toward the outside of the truck bed.

Options included electric windshield wipers, Hydra-Matic transmission, power steering, tinted glass and four-wheel drive.

1957 GMC Series 100 Specifications

Standard in the 57 GMC 100 was a 269 cubic inch inline six cylinder engine delivering 130 horsepower. More muscle was available. Offered as an option was a 206 HP V-8.

Gearbox was a three speed manual with an automatic available as an option.

Brakes were four wheel hydraulic drum.

The 1957 GMC Series 100 has a 114.0 inch wheelbase. New base price was about $1,950.

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1957 gmc light weight truckReferences for this article included the GM and GMC archive collection. For a good deal of additional GMC Truck information along with forums check out www.gmctruckclub.com

GMC Pick Up Collector Trucks

GMC Pickups from the post World War Two era have been popular collector vehicles and some fully restored examples, like the GMC 100 featured in this article, look absolutely stunning.

For the 1957 model year GMC produced three basic light duty pick up models. These were the Series 100 half-ton models like the one in this article. The others were the Series 150 three-quarter ton and the Series 250 one-ton. Major front end design changes occurred with the 1959 models. Also, the light duty trucks all took on the name Apache beginning in 1958. Among the front end design changes for 1958 were four headlights instead of two.

gmc series 100 dashboard

57 GMC 100 dashboard

Current price ranges for the 1957 GMC Series 100 run from $10,000 to about $25,000. Exact prices will reflect overall condition, mileage and original matching parts. Highest valued Series 100 for 1957 is the Suburban Pick Up. Here you may see prices ranging from $15,000 to $45,000 plus depending on the usual factors.

Highest prices are generally for fully restored, excellent overall condition, and highly original matching part models.

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